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Name Ragnild Knudsdattir (Ladengen)
Birth 9 Sep 1842, Laingen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christen 23 Oct 1842, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Death 21 May 1844, Laingen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Burial 1 Jun 1844, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Father Knud Pederson (Lyngved) (1798-1875)
Mother Thora Paulsdatter (Laingen) (1812-1906)
Notes for Ragnild Knudsdattir (Ladengen)
The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Thror Brimie, John Botten, Ellef Brimie, Gunhild Moe, and Gunhild Ladengen. Rolv Laingen, via Bruce Laingen17, has her emigrating to the U.S.A. but the church records are clear that she died in 1844.
14 (b. 5, p. 184; b. 43, p. 42; b. 44, p. 443), 17
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