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Name Tjostulf Johannesson Kjestad
Birth 24 Oct 1847, Kjæstad i Lom, Oppland, Norway
Christen 21 Nov 1847, Lom, Oppland, Norway
Death 2 Oct 1916, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Emigration 18 May 1870, Lom, Oppland, Norway
Immigration Jul 1870, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Occupation Farm laborer (1880), farmer
Religion Lutheran
Father Johannes Sevaldson (Kjæstad) (1804-1876)
Mother Ragnild Thorstensdattir (Frisvold) (1807-1870)
Medical Notes for Tjostulf Johannesson Kjestad
He was vaccinated against smallpox in 1849. His cause of death was myocarditis, with chronic rheumatism contributing. His attending physician was Dr. W. J. McCarthy.
Misc. Notes
He was confirmed in Lom on 9 October 1864. Tjøstel Johannesen was a tenant on the Andvord nordre farm at the time of the 1865 Norwegian census, along with his sister Ragnhild. Their aunt Thora and her husband Paul were running part of the farm at that time.

He left Lom, Norway, with his sister Ronnaug and many others on 20 May 1870. They sailed from Liverpool, England, on 8 June 1870 aboard the Montreal Ocean Steam-Ship Company vessel "Germany," which arrived in Quebec on 22 June 1870. Tjostolf is listed as "Kjostolf" and Ronnaug is given as his wife, instead of his sister. They traveled together with Paul Knudson Laingen and Thorsten Kjestad, and others. They probably also arrived in Chicago, IL, in July 1870 with the Laingens. The route to Quebec, either directly from Norway or via Quebec, and then through the Great Lakes, was a common one for Norwegians emigrating to America.

He received his second (citizenship) papers in court at Cottonwood Co., Minnesota, on 10 July 1877. His witnesses were Paul Seeger and William Sawyer. He had applied for his first papers in Jackson Co., Minnesota.

He owned the S 1/2, NW 1/4, of section 22, township 105, range 34, in Mountain Lake township, Cottonwood Co., Minnesota. This is the land he homesteaded (application 6695) and on which he had made final payment on 2 Jan 1878. This was adjacent to the land of his brother Thorsten and to that of Paul Knudson Laingen. Tjostulf sold his land for $1400 at the same time as his brother did to the same purchaser, Isaak W. Schulz of Mountain Lake.

At present, I do not know where he lived between this time, 22 July 1878, and the 1900 census, when he was living in Linden with his brother. Check the unindexed counties in the 1880 census. He was living with his sister-in-law, single, at the 1910 census.

He was living with his brother Tosten at the time of the 1875 census, listed as "Christal Kjestad," age 27. He is apparently the "Kjostel Kjestad," age 35, in the 1885 Minnesota census, with his brother Tosten. His true age was 38 at the time. He was still living with his brother at the 1895 census.

The Linden church record gives his birthdate at 27 Oct 1847, born Norway, as does his death record.

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