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Name Embjor Olsdatter (Grønen)
Birth 15 Jun 1864, Grønen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christen 24 Jul 1864, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Death 18 Apr 1917, Butternut, Blue Earth, Minnesota
Burial Our Savior's Lutheran Cemetery, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota
Immigration 1889, United States74
Immigration 6 Nov 1901, New York, New York
Religion Lutheran
Father Ole Bertelsen (Grønen) (1827->1900)
Mother Thoro Olsdatter (Evenhaugere) (1824-1875)
1 Thorsten Knudsen Brimie
Birth 8 Apr 1856, Brimie nordre i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christen 25 Apr 1856, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Death 9 Dec 1928, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Burial 10 Dec 1928, Our Savior's Lutheran Cemetery, Butternut Valley, Blue Earth, Minnesota
Immigration 1880, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Occupation Farmer
Religion Lutheran
Father Knud Thorstensen (Brimi) (1832-1900)
Mother Ronnaug Knudsdattir (Ladengen) (1834->1906)
Marriage 1889, United States74
Children: Carl Olaf (1890-1959)
Dora Regina (1893-1952)
Ronnaug Torstensdatter (1898->1969)
Otto Torstensen (1902-1987)
Helen Emelia (1907-)
Medical Notes for Embjor Olsdatter (Grønen)
She died from liver cancer which was diagnosed four months before her death.
Misc. Notes
The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Gabriel Botten, Ole Gadsdalen, Halvor Hidem, Else Sandvigen, Anne Botten, and Anne P. Botten.

She is buried in the Butternut Valley Cemetery, in plot 41, next to her husband. Her name is given as Ingaborg Gronen on the death record of Dora Regina (Brimie) Jacobson.

She went back to Lom, Norway, and was keeping house for her brother, a widower, at the time of the 1900 census. She came with her children and returned on board the White Star Liner "Oceanic," arriving at New York from Liverpool on 6 November 1901. She may have been living there for an extended time, as her youngest child, age 3 at the return, was listed as having been born in Norway. The family sailed from Kristiania (Oslo) on 25 October 1901 aboard the "S.S. Angelo." Her brother-in-law, Paul K. Brimie, was also on the ship.
2 (p. 10), 14 (b. 7, p. 10), 29 (v. 1917, pp. 258-259)
1865 Norwegian Census, Lom, Oppland
1875 Norwegian Census, Lom, Oppland
1900 Norwegan census, Lom, Oppland, k. 2, no. 16, G.N. 20 [LDS FHL microfilm ________]
Medical Notes for Thorsten Knudsen (Spouse 1)
His cause of death was a ruptured stomach, suffered for 18 hours. Myocarditis suffered for three years was a secondary cause.
Misc. Notes
The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Hans Ekle, Poul Ladengen, Hans Skaansa, Ragnild Hesbekagen, Barbro Enersvold and Kari Lyngved. He was confirmed at Lom on 1 October 1871.

He is the T. Brimi who signed Theodore P. Laingen's autograph book, leaving a message in Norwegian. He is buried with his wife and sons in the Butternut Valley Cemetery. He is in plot 42.

Thorsten is probably the "Tosten Kundsche [Knudson ?], age 32 [?]," a nephew of Peder Knudsen Ladigen [Laingen] living with the latter in Butternut Valley at the time of the 1880 census. Not found in Butternut Valley, Lake Crystal, or Lincoln Twp., Blue Earth Co., Minnesota, in 1910. The area near Odin in Watonwan Co. should be checked, along with the various county vital records. He was renting a farm in Lincoln Township, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota, in 1920.

Residing in Lincoln Township in 1904-5 according to the county directory, with property assessed at $277. The nearest post office was Butternut. Not seen in the 1912-3 edition of the directory.

Not found in 1900 census soundex for Minnesota under Brimi (B650) or Knutson (K532), nor found under those in Illinois. He was living at 774 David St. in Chicago in 1901 when his wife and children returned from Norway.

He emigrated from Oslo with his sister Thora in 1880. Many of the 1880 Quebec passenger ship lists are faded to unreadability, so his likely arrival there may not be discovered. Hans apparently emigrated about the same time, but not on the same vessel. After Thora married Hans Gabrielsen his brother apparently lived with them, as did the younger brothers who emigrated much later. It is not clear where Thorsten was living, but it was probably in Chicago.
2 (p. 10),14 (b. 43, p. 204; b. 7, p. 145)
1904-05 Blue Earth Co. (Minnesota) directory, p. 418 [LDS FHL microfilm 1685773#8]
Death certificate copy
1865 Norwegan census, Lom, Oppland, p. __
1875 Norwegan census, Lom, Oppland, t. 1, no. 58
1880 U.S. census, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota, r. 615, p. 416C
1920 U.S. census, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota, r. 825, E.D. 14, p. 129A
Notes for Thorsten Knudsen & Embjor (Family)
I knew that they were married before 1890 and Scott Barnes added that she emigrated in 1889 and they were married in the United States.
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