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Name Ronnaug Knudsdatter (Laingen)
Birth 2 Mar 1840, Ladengen i Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Christen 26 Apr 1840, Garmo, Oppland, Norway
Death 21 Mar 1911, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Burial 23 Mar 1911, Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Immigration bef 1868
Alias/AKA Regine
Father Knud Pederson (Lyngved) (1798-1875)
Mother Thora Paulsdatter (Laingen) (1812-1906)
1 Hans O. Hanson (Agers)
Birth 1841, Norway
Death ? 29 Jan 1922, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Immigration 1862, America
Occupation Sailor (1870/80), Ship's carpenter, Carpenter
Father Hans ???
Marriage 1868, ? Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Children: Charles (1869-<1871)
Charles E. (1871-)
Joseph E. (1871-)
Sarah O. (1875-1886)
Carol D. (1879-)
child (-<1910)
Harry R.
Medical Notes for Ronnaug Knudsdatter (Laingen)
She was vaccinated for smallpox in 1840. Her cause of death was chronic rhematic endocarditis suffered for six years, with a stroke two months before she died.
Misc. Notes
Note that the family farm is now being described as Ladengen. She was christened as Ronnaug and the godparents and witnesses were Anders Lyngved, Amund Lyngved, Ole Lyngved, Karen Lyngved, and Ragnhild Lyngved. She was confirmed at Lom on 8 Oct 1854.

I have checked the Lom records and did not find either her marriage or her emigration listed. It is possible that she was married in Vågå, so check those records. She was living in Chicago with her husband at the time of her mother's probate.

The 1910 census shows that she had had seven children, with four still living at that time.

She died at 4635 N. 45th Avenue, having lived there for a year. Her normal residence was in Jefferson Park.

Chicago Daily News, 22 March 1911 (p. 21):

"HANSON, Regine March 21, 1911, beloved wife of H. O. Hanson, mother of Chas. E., Joseph E., and Carol Agers, Harry R. Agers. Funeral Tuesday, from house, 4536 N. 45th Ave. by carraige to Graceland."

She was buried in Graceland Cemetery block 25, grave 878, with a headstone, on 23 March 1911. She died on 21 March 1911, age 71 years and 19 days.73 There is no record of her husband's burial in the Cemetery and he is clearly not in the adjacent graves.
14 (b. 5, p. 159; b. 43, pp. 20, 330),17, 27, 73
Chicago Death Certificate, #7709 of 1911 [LDS FHL microfilm 1239886]
1870 U.S. census, Cook Co., IL, r. 208, p. 810
1880 U.S. census, Cook Co., IL, r. 195, p. 56B
1910 U.S. census, Cook Co., IL, r. 269, E.D. 1166, p. 275B
Notes for Hans O. (Spouse 1)
He is undoubtedly the Hansen whose sons are "cousins" of Theodore Laingen in the latter's 1890s autograph book. His wife's death certificate states that they had been married for 50 years, in Chicago for 50 years, in Illinois for 50 years, and in America fro 50 years. The information was provided by C. Hanson, but it is not clear if this is the husband or their son Charles E. Hanson.

Note the only Hansen/Hanson who is a carpenter in the 1865/6 Chicago city directory is C. A. Hanson, home on 1st between Wood and Paulina. (p. 281) [LDS FHL microfilm 1000739#4: J. C. W Bailey & Co's Chicago City Directory for the Year 1865-6, Chicago: John C. W. Bailey, 865+lxxx+19pp.] There are a number of them by the 1869 directory, the one above is probably the Charles who lives at 172 W. Indiana. [item 5, p. 378: Edwards' Official Chicago Directory 1869, Chicago: Edwards & Co. Publishers, 1162+14pp.] Since the 1870 and 1880 censuses show him as a sailor, it would be worth rechecking the earlier city directories for him with that occupation.

He is probably the Hans Hanson, 141 W. Ohio St., born Norway in the 1892 Chicago voter registration list. (Congressional District 3, ward 17, precinct 8). He had lived in the precinct for 5 months, and in the county and state for 30 years. [That is the basis for picking him, with the census date of immigration as 1862.] He was naturalized in 1882 in the Circuit Court of Cook County. He voted in the 1892 election.

Not yet found as head of household in 1900 Illinois census soundex

He is shown in the 1907 Chicago city directory [p. 152] as Henry O. Agers, carpenter, living at 750 Greenleaf Ave. [LDS FHL microfilm 1759637]. Also living at that address is daughter Carrie D. H., bookkeeper.

He is shown in the 1908 Chicago city directory as Henry O. Agers, carpenter, living at 750 Greenleaf Ave. This is confirmed by the other family members living at that address. The 1910 U.S. census lists him as Henry Egers, with wife Regina and daughter Carrie. He emigrated in 1862 and was naturalized. They had been married for 42 years (since 1868).
The 1909 Chicago city directory [p. 147, LDS FHL microfilm 1759639] shows him living at 2989 N. 54th Ave.
The 1910 Chicago city directory [p. 95, LDS FHL microfilm 1759640] shows him living at 4635 N. 45th Ave, the same address as daughter Carrie. For the first time, he is not listed as a carpenter.

We have his address in 1900 but have not located him in the census soundex or regular films. It would be worthwhile to find that as it would provide the date for Harry's birth and, with luck, that of Regina's emigration.

He was not found in the Graceland Cemetery records under Hans O. Hansen, born 184173.
Regina Hanson obituary
1892 Chicago Voter Registration Index, v. 4, p. 531 [LDS FHL microfilm 1730761]
The Lakeside Annual Directory for the City of Chicago, 1908, Chicago, IL: Chicago Directory Company, p. 155 [LDS FHL microfilm 1033883]
[Regina Hansen] Chicago Death Certificate, #7709 of 1911 [LDS FHL microfilm 1239886]
1870 U.S. census, Cook Co., IL, r. 208, p. 810
1880 U.S. census, Cook Co., IL, r. 195, p. 56B
1910 U.S. census, Cook Co., IL, r. 269, E.D. 1166, p. 275B

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