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Name Laura Pouline Andvord
Birth 29 Oct 1836, Stamstad i Lom, Oppland, Norway
Christen 18 Jan 1837, Lom, Oppland, Norway
Father Paul Torstensen (Andvord) (~1795-1863)
Mother Thora Sevaldsdatter (Kjæstad) (1806-1897)
1 Sevald Johannesson Kjestad
Birth 28 Sep 1834, Kjæstad i Lom, Oppland, Norway
Christen 24 Oct 1834, Lom, Oppland, Norway
Death 24 Feb 1914, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Burial 27 Feb 1914, Linden Lutheran Cemetery, Linden, Brown, Minnesota
Emigration May 1866, Lom, Oppland, Norway
Immigration 1866, America
Occupation Farmer
Religion Lutheran
Father Johannes Sevaldson (Kjæstad) (1804-1876)
Mother Ragnild Thorstensdattir (Frisvold) (1807-1870)
Children: Sigvald (1864-1865)
Medical Notes for Laura Pouline Andvord
She was vaccinated against smallpox in 1839.
Misc. Notes
The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Ole Stamstad, Niels Sletten, Rolf Blager, Ronnaug Blager, and Anne Kiestad.

She was confirmed in Lom on 2 November 1851, and was from the Stamstad farm at that time. She was living on Stamstad nordre at the 1865 and 1875 Norwegian censuses, helping her mother. She was still living at Stamstad nordre at the 1900 census.
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1865 Norwegian census, Lom, Oppland
1875 Norwegian census, Lom, Oppland, kr. 3, no. 13
1900 Norwegian census, Lom, Oppland, kr. 4, no. 17
Medical Notes for Sevald Johannesson (Spouse 1)
His cause of death was Lobar Pneumonia suffered for four days, with senility contributing. Dr. Mathias Lundt was his physician.
Misc. Notes
He was living on the family farm in Lom, Oppland, in 1865. He left Lom in May 1866 for America according to the church records.

He was a member of the Linden Lutheran Church by 24 October 1870, when he took communion. His marriage to Johanna took place on 10 April 1872, he was age 38 and from Lom, Norway, and she was age 32 and from Øyer, Norway. The witnesses were Endre Levig and Ole Pederson Bjorgen. It looks like it took place at T. Bruden's house if I'm reading the record correctly.

He filed first papers for citizenship in 1871 [get a copy since they may show more details, such as where he lived 1866-1870.] His marriage with Johanna was performed by Rev. Thor Hattrem, with Endre Christopherson and Ole Peterson as witnesses.

He is often seen as a godparent or baptismal witness to the children of Ole Petersen and his wife Ronnaug Johnsdattir in the Linden Lutheran Church records.

There was a Mary Russell, age 32, born in Iowa, living with them in 1885 and probably working as a domestic. They had Andrew Larson working as a farm laborer in 1910.

He bought 40 acres of land from the St. Paul and Sioux City Railroad Company for $220 on 30 October 1882. The property was SE 1/4 of SE 1/4, Section 27, Township 108 N., Range 30 W.55

Buried in Lot 42 of the Linden Lutheran Cemetery. Given as Sewald Kjestad in the records, he was the original lot holder.

IGI sources: batch C421551 (source 125511), which incorrectly has the birth date as the christening.

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