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Name Jacob Eriksen (Slåstad)
Birth 1823, Slåstad i Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway
Death 1873, Slåstad i Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway
Father Erik Larsen (Slåstad) (~1792-1840)
Mother Tore Jakobsdatter (Svenneby) (1792-1875)
1 Anne Amundsdatter (Rud)
Birth Oct 1822, Rud i Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway
Death 4 Mar 1903, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Burial 8 Mar 1903, Rose Hills Cemetery, Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Emigration 1874, Sør-Ødal, Hedmark, Norway
Immigration 1874, America
Father Amund Gulbrandsen (Rud) (~1791-1861)
Mother Marte Olsdatter (Melstrøm) (~1797-1861)
Marriage 1859, Sør-Odal, Hedmark, Norway
Children: Amund (1860-1895)
Thora (1863-1936)
Research Notes for Jacob Eriksen (Slåstad)
63 (b. 2, p. 313)
Medical Notes for Anne (Spouse 1)
She died from catarrah bronchitis suffered for two months. Contributing factors were asthma and old age.
Misc. Notes
Anne sold her farm in 1874 for 1200 Norwegian dollars. She was a widow when she emigrated to the U.S. in 1874 with her daughter Thora. She was living at 2664 N. 42nd Avenue at the time of her death.

They are not seen coming through Quebec through 6 September 1874. Since they left Oslo on 5 June 1874 they should have arrived by that time if they used that route.
63 (b. 1, p. 202; b. 2, pp. 234-5, 313, 657)
1900 U.S. census, Illinois, Cook Co., r. 278, E.D. 822, p. 79B
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