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Name ??? ???
1 Clas Pfiffner234
Birth bef 1680
Death aft 28 Apr 1734235
Children: Christian (1698-~1764)
Notes for Clas (Spouse 1)
Claus Pfiffner became a citizen of Jenins on 20 August 1704 with his wife and children. He agreed to pay a sum of 150 ___ [don't know units of currency], probably gulden] and agreed that if he or his family left the Reformed church he would give up his citizenship and leave. He paid 100 on 12 September of that year. He paid the remaining 50 on 15 September 1707.

There was an entry relating to him on 15 April 1717.236 This recounts how he took care of various obligations and went around during the day making sure everything was ok.

So it is looking like there were a couple of Pfiffner families in Jenins.

I am not positive that Clas was the father of Christian, but it seems likely. Clas settled in Jenins with his wife and children in 1704. He was still there in 1734 and Christian was on the citizenship roll in 1745.
LDS FHL microfilm 1192918#__, p. 198
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