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Name Stina Baltzer
Birth abt 1 Apr 1715, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christen 3 Apr 1715, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland273
Father Bartli Baltzer (~1682-)
Mother Anna Dÿsch (~1680-)
1 Jacob Sutter
Birth abt 10 Apr 1716, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christen 12 Apr 1716, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland272
Father Andreas Sutter (~1676-)
Mother Elsa Joos (~1678-)
Marriage 17 Feb 1736, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland274
Children: Andreas (~1736-)
Bartli (Died as Infant) (~1740-~1740)
Anna (~1741-~1778)
Bartli (~1743-)
Elsa (~1745-)
Bastien (~1748-)
Notes for Stina Baltzer
She was born in the Matania district. The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Smstr. [Seckelmeister] Hans Rudolf Casal, Hans Flütsch, Ammani Ana Dammin, Urschla Haasin, and J. Stina Willin.

She was from the Montania district at her marriage. I saw no more children christened to them in the ten years after the birth of Bastien.
Notes for Jacob (Spouse 1)
He was born in the Maria district. The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Clas Hartmann, Thoma Kaiser, Fr. Ammani Anna Dammin, Elsa Truoggin, and J. Anna Casalin.
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