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Name Ursula Conzett
Birth abt 5 Feb 1730, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christen 7 Feb 1730, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland147
Death 14 Oct 1804, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland148
Father Christian Conzett (~1686-~1738)
Mother Madalena Jecklin (~1685-)
1 Schamaun Meÿer
Birth abt 23 Jul 1725, St. Antönien Castels, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christen 25 Jul 1725, St. Antönien Castels, Graubünden, Switzerland64
Death 14 Aug 1808, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland146
Alias/AKA Simon
Father Peter Meyer (1681-~1747)
Mother Dorothea Caspar (1695-~1761)
Marriage 8 Jan 1755, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland149
Children: Caspar (~1755-1805)
Christian (~1757-1809)
Hans (~1759-)
Tillia (~1761-)
Andreas (Twin) (~1764-1831)
Magdalena (Twin) (1764-)
Flurÿ (~1770-1835)
Lisabeth (~1775->1840)
Notes for Ursula Conzett
She was born in the Maria district. The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Jan Truogg, Leonhard Kessler, Elsa Mathisin, Ursula Krawin, and Stina Sutarin. Her death record gives her age as 70.
Notes for Schamaun (Spouse 1)
His age at death is given as 89, which implies a 1719 birthdate. I could not find any Schamaunn Meyer born at all near that time in Schiers. There is no indication on his marriage record that he was from someplace other that Schiers. There was a fairly frequent interchange with residents in the St. Antönien parish and Schiers. His birth was not found in the Schuders or Luzein parishes.

Somewhat off in age, but still reasonable in light of the appearances in the christenings mentioned above, is the 1725 birth in St. Antönien Castels parish. The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Clas Christ, Michal Walser, Fr. Landamman Cathrina Suotli, Margreth Tönÿ, and Anna Tarnuzerin.

Given that age difference 1725 instead of 1719, and the fact that the naming pattern of Simon's children doesn't match, it would be prudent to keep searching for other candidates. One would want to watch for a Caspar Meÿer with wife Ottilia. Note that the Peter given name is seen among the descendants of this couple.

There is a Sebastian Meyer, son of Caspar Meyer of Fajauna, born in 1717. Schamaun Meyer appears in the list of godparents and witnesses at the christening of Sebastian's daughter Greta on 5 February 1749.

There was a Schamaun Meyer born in Schiers in November 1738, consistent with an age at death of 69, but that Schamaun's death is recorded in March 1742. It is always possible that the priest mistook the birth record of that Schamaun for this Schamaun.
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