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Name Elsbeth Bantli
Birth abt 13 Jan 1732, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christen 15 Jan 1732, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland151
Death abt 2 Jun 1811, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 4 Jun 1811, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland151
Alias/AKA Elsbeth Pantli
1 Nikolaus Senti
Birth abt 21 Dec 1727, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland
Christen 23 Dec 1727, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland150
Death abt 29 Oct 1806, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 31 Oct 1806, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland150
Occupation Kirchenvogt (1759+)
Father ??? Senti
Marriage 10 May 1750, Jenins, Graubünden, Switzerland152
Children: Christian (~1750-)
Maria (~1753-~1754)
Clemens (1755-1826)
Johannes Georg (~1759-~1764)
son (~1761-~1761)
Maria (~1763-1842)
Johannes Jörg (~1766-1844)
Johannes (~1769-<1835)
Feÿda (1773-1776)
Florian (~1775-1849)
Notes for Elsbeth Bantli
Her name is given as Elsbeth Pantleri on the marriage. record. The surname was Pantli on the christening record of their son Christian. Her age at death was given as 79 years, 4 months, 20 days.
Notes for Nikolaus (Spouse 1)
The Historical-Biographical Lexicon for Switzerland153 notes that the Senti family has been present in Graubünden since at least the tenth century. This family is predominantly in Malix, Seewis im. Pritigau, and Jenins. The article notes in particular Anton, Podestat von Tirano 1779-1781, and Clemens, Bundesschreiber 1784. It has additional details.154 That Clemens is probably Nikolaus' son Clemens.

It seems likely that he was the brother of Bundesweibel Jann Georg Senti (Wachmeister), age 84, who died on 9 April 1800.155 This is supported by the fact that he named one of his sons Johannes Jörg. From a similar argument, Florian Senti, died 19 December 1801, aged 70 years, 3 months, 8 days, is also likely a brother.156

He is first termed Kirchenvogt on the christening record of his son Joh. Georg in 1759.
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