Person Sheet

Name Hans Wunderer
Birth 1630144
Death abt 12 Feb 1708, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 14 Feb 1708, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland144
1 Anna Straal
Death abt 7 Sep 1656, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 9 Sep 1656, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland182
Marriage bef 1651
Children: Christina (~1651-)
Leonhard (~1652-)
Peter (~1654-)
2 Barbla Ruosch
Birth 1635183
Death abt 19 Oct 1697, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 21 Oct 1697, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland183
Marriage 1 Nov 1657, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland162
Children: Hans (-1692)
Nesa (~1658-~1659)
Caspar (~1660-~1660)
Nesa (~1661-~1703)
Anna (~1663-~1664)
Caspar (~1665-~1680)
Anna (1672-1733)
Jacob (~1676-~1676)
Jacob (~1678-~1698)
Notes for Hans Wunderer
He was from the Maria district at his second marriage. He died in that district at age 78.
Notes for Anna (Spouse 1)
She died in the Maria district. Her age was not given in the death record.
Notes for Barbla (Spouse 2)
She was from the Fajauna district at her marriage. She was named the wife of Hans Wunderer of Maria, age 62, in her death record.

The naming patterns of her children suggest that she may have been a sister of the Christina Ruosch, and that their parents may have been Caspar and Agnes/Nesa.
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