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Name Madalena Baÿsch Von Porta200
Birth 1631201
Death abt 10 Sep 1682, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 12 Sep 1682, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland201
Father Graf Andreas Baÿsch Von Porta (1597-~1674)
Mother Barbara Casal (->1632)
1 Nauli Polin Jecklin
Birth 1623, Zuoz, Graubünden, Switzerland197,198
Death abt 3 Sep 1679, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 5 Sep 1679, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland199
Occupation Priest (1644-1679), Landammen (1652)
Religion Reformiert
Alias/AKA Nolius Polius Jecklin
Father Johannes Poli Jecklin (1592-1643)
Mother ??? ???
Marriage 11 May 1652, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland202
Children: Andreas (~1653-~1731)
Johannes (1654-~1659)
Jacob (~1656-1690)
Ursina (~1658-~1658)
Johannes (~1659-~1726)
Nauli (~1661-~1716)
Barbla (~1664-1718)
Ursina (~1666-~1709)
Hans Heinrich (~1668-)
Madalena (~1670-~1678)
Agnes (~1672-~1734)
Marti (~1675-~1703)
Notes for Madalena Baÿsch Von Porta
She was a resident of the Schiers district at her marriage. She is seen as a witness at a christening on 21 January 168167 (v. 1, p. 73), and is there called, significantly, "Madalena B. von Porta." Her age at death was given as 51 years.

The von Salis Genealogy (1891) states that the von Porta family was intermarried with the von Salis family. That would explain the frequent appearences of the von Salis' family members as godparents and witnesses to the christenings. With some luck, we may be able to document the relationships.
Notes for Nauli Polin (Spouse 1)
He was the priest at Schiers when the official church records began. He wrote on the preface page that he was 27 years old at the time (1650) and that he had been a priest for 6 years. He was a resident of the Schiers district at his marriage and of his death. His death record states that he was from Zuzursam in ober Engadin. This is the modern day Zuoz. This is confirmed in the short biography of him given in the SchudersTaufbuch203 which states that he was from Zuz and that he was the ancestor of all of the Jecklins in the Pritigau region. He also served as the priest for Schuders.

The Jecklin surname in Zuoz was prominent in early years but died out in the 1700s204. Wisner153 reports that the Schiers branch came from Zuoz through Johannes Polin Jecklin. The Planta family were and are prominent in Zuoz. I would imagine that Maria Fandarina Plantin is from there or a relative. The Salis family was also prominent there as in the lower Landquart area.

The naming pattern of Nauli's children is very suggestive. The first son was named Andreas and the second son was named Johannes. This appears to be the "maternal grandfather, paternal grandfather" pattern. Possibly it may apply to the daughters also. Nauli was apparently the founder of the Schiers branch, with all later Jecklins in Schiers descended from him (allowing for some later immigrants of course).

Paul E. Jecklin205 states that he became priest at Schiers in 1646. This information appears to have come from the article by Gillardon.200 But see the following data from Truog.

Truog's history of Evangelical priests in Graubünden states that he was born in Zuoz in 1623 and ws ordained in 1644. He served as priest in Serneus 1644-1650, in Schiers 1650-1679, and also in Schuders 1650-79 (as given in the Schuders listing). He died 5 September 1679.198

He was a Landamman in Schiers in 1652.
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