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Name Elsa Kessler
Birth abt 1590168
Death abt 17 Aug 1664, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 19 Aug 1664, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland168
1 Clas Flütsch
Birth 1587167
Death abt 11 Oct 1678, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 13 Oct 1678, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland167
Marriage abt 1614
Children: Andreas (1621-~1689)
Luzia (1621-~1717)
Elsa (1627-~1701)
Notes for Elsa Kessler
She is described as the wife of Klas Flütsch of Pusserein in her death record.
Notes for Clas (Spouse 1)
His death record called him "old" Clas Flütsch of Pusserein, age 91, who had been married for 50 years. It is likely that there were several additional children for this couple, but unless they are spotted by references to Clas and Elsa as parents, it will be difficult to identify them.

Other Flütsches from Pusserein who get married in the period 1650-1670 are:
Hans Contzet of Pusserein, m. J. Polonia Flütschin of Pusserein, 12 May 1650 (p. 301)
Christan Damm of Pusserein, m. Ziz Flüttschin of Pusserein, 11 July 1652 (p. 301)
Hans Flütsch, elder, of Pusserein, m. Greta Hammin of Schiers, 14 October 1652 (p. 301)
Hans Flütsch, younger, of Pusserein, m. Lÿßa Margütin of Jenatz, 14 October 1652 (p. 301)
Bartli Flütsch of Pusserein, m. Polonia Contzetin of Pusserein, 5 February 1657 (p. 302)
Andreas Darnützer of Schuders, m. Elsa Flütschin of Pusserein, 16 April 1659 (p. 303)
Andreas Flütsch, m. J. Anna Adammin, both of Pusserein, 1 December 1661 (p. 303)
Hans C. Contzet of Pusserein, m. Barbla Flütschin of Pusserein, 19 October 1665 (p. 304)
Hans Sim Flütsch, m. Else Andr. Flütschin, both of Pusserein, 10 October 1667 (p. 305)
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