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Name Johannes Poli Jecklin
Birth 1592, Zuoz, Graubünden, Switzerland200
Death 1643, Zuoz, Graubünden, Switzerland200
Father Nauli Polin Jecklin (-ca1630)
Mother ??? ???
1 ??? ???
Marriage bef 1622
Children: Nauli Polin (1623-~1679)
Notes for Johannes Poli Jecklin
His descendants founded the Schiers line153, and given the notation in Nauli's death record that he came from Zuzursam in ober Engadin [Zuoz], it seems likely that Johannes was Nauli's father. There have been a couple of articles on the Jecklins of Schiers, which would be worth investigating.
Speculating based on the naming patterns of Nauli's children, his wife may have been named Ursina, as Andreas B. von Porta's wife was Barbara Casal.

Norman Madsen in Ontario, Canada, has put his genealogy on the web. He is largely of Danish descent but does have a line into Graubünden, with a tie in to a Jecklin who very well may have been a daughter of this Johannes Poli Jecklin. This daughter had a son with the given names of Johannes Polin. Madsen's genealogical data is in a seperate database at this time.

Paul E. Jecklin has some confirming information, but is a secondary source.205
Notes for ??? (Spouse 1)
Possibly named Ursina based on the naming patterns of Nauli's children.
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