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Name Elsbeth Hartman
Birth 12 Dec 1697, St. Antönien Ascharina, Graubünden, Switzerland
Death 26 Nov 1753, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland
Alias/AKA Elsa
Father Hans Hartman (1647-1732)
Mother Elsa Christen (-1703)
1 Peter Flütsch
Birth 5 Jan 1699, St. Antönien Castels, Graubünden, Switzerland
Death 17 Jul 1774, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland
Father Faltin Flütsch (1653-1734)
Mother Madlena Meyer (-1702)
Marriage 13 Jun 1717, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland
Children: Faltin (1718-)
Hans (1720-)
Clas (1722-)
Hans (1724-)
Lena (1727-1780)
Clas (1739-1780)
Christian (1742-)
Notes for Elsbeth Hartman
Her name is given as Elsa on her christening record and the marriage record. It was normally given as Elsbeth on the record of her childrens' christenings. The godparents and witnesses at her christening were Gadient Turunas, Sebastian Saltzgeber, Cathrina Jecklin, Elsa Putzi, Elsa Bergezeri, and Barbla Lötscheri. Her death record gives her age as 56 years.
256 (v. 1, n.p.)
Notes for Peter (Spouse 1)
The godparents and witnesses at his christening were Andreas Tarnutzer, Gadient Turunas, Elsbeth Meyeri, and Greta Engli.

They appear to have moved about 1723 as the christenings of their children born before that date were in the Castels district while those after that date were in the Ascharina district.

He was 75 years old at his death.
256 (v. 1, n.p.)
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