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Name Christen Caspar
Birth 1664257
Death abt 30 Mar 1742, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland257
Burial 2 Apr 1742, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland259
1 Susanna Mohr
Birth abt 1665257
Death abt 26 Nov 1706, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland256
Burial 28 Nov 1706, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland259
Marriage 16 Apr 1692, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland
Children: Dorothea (1695-~1761)
Greta (1698-)
Jacob (1701-)
Elsbeth (1702-)
Enderli (1704-)
Jöri (1705-)
Susanna (1706-1707)
Notes for Christen Caspar
There were two Christen Caspars with families in St. Antönien Castels in the 1690s. Christen Caspar and Anna Mathisi had: daughter Stina christened on 22 May 1698, died 2 June 1698; daughter Stina christened 6 August 1699. Christen Kasper and Susanna Moseri had: daughter Greta christened on 21 May 1698; son Jacob christened 4 November 1701; daughter Elsbeth christened 6 December 1702; daughter Enderli christened 16 January 1704; son Jöri christened 11 March 1705; daughter Susanna christened 21 November 1706.

On the thin thread of the daughter named Enderli, I am tentatively assigning Dorothea to the family of Christen and Susanna, as Dorothea named one of her daughters Enderli and it was an unusual name for the parish. This was confirmed by the fact that Christan and Susanna were married on 16 April 1692, while Christan and Anna did not marry until 17 February 1698.

There is a Christen Caspar who dies in July 1705, but it is not clear if that is the one who married Anna Mathis or yet another, older one.

Christan's age at death was 78.
Medical Notes for Susanna (Spouse 1)
She died only a week after giving birth to her last daughter, so obviously it was due to complications from childbirth.
Misc. Notes
Her age is not given in the death record. Recheck the spellings to see if it is Mohr or Moser.

There is a Thoma Mohr, age 88, who died on 13 Jul 1766, implying a 1678 birthdate.
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