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Name ? Anna Ruosch
Death 3 Mar 1729, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland
1 ? Hans Pitschi
Marriage 27 May 1690, St. Antönien, Graubünden, Switzerland
Children: Maria (1692-1745)
Hans (1692-1771)
Notes for ? Anna Ruosch
Her age was not given in the death record.
256 (v. 1, n.p.)
Notes for ? Hans (Spouse 1)
They have been tentatively assigned as the parents of Maria Pitschi based on the naming patterns of the children of Mathis Töni and Maria Pitschi. The first children of the latter couple were Hans and Anna, consistent with the custom of naming the first child of a given sex after the maternal grandparent of that sex.

Despite their having married in St. Antönien, there is no record of any children being christened in any of the districts through 1700. The records in the Castels district only begin in 1696, which may indicate that a page was lost at the beginning of the church book.
256 (v. 1, n.p.)
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