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Name Barbara Casal207
Death aft 1632
1 Graf Andreas Baÿsch Von Porta
Birth 1597206
Death abt 6 Jul 1674, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland
Burial 8 Jul 1674, Schiers, Graubünden, Switzerland206
Occupation Landamann, Podestat of Tirano and Borglio
Marriage bef 1622
Children: Jacob Baÿsch (-1676)
Johanna (1623-~1676)
Stina Biasch (1629-~1707)
Madalena Baÿsch (1631-~1682)
Notes for Barbara Casal
The Casal family is widely seen at Schiers and the surrounding towns. Note that there is a reference to a Georg Casal as the priest at Schuders in the period roughly of the 1620s-1630s. Not much is known of him as the early church records for Schuders (pre 1650) are lost. It is known that Georg was not of the standard Reformed church but rather was a "country" minister (see the work by Truog for this point.) His relationship to Barbara is not known.
Notes for Andreas Baÿsch (Spouse 1)
His death record states that he had been Landamann 13 times and that he had also been "Podestad" for Wurms [Borglio] and Tyran [Tirano]. He had given a gift of 160 [currency?] to the church in Schiers in 1629. The record of this is damaged in the first church book at Schiers but is clear in the copy of the list of gifts in the second church book (thus putting the damage to the first book after the start of the second book). That reference in the second church book demonstrates that his wife was Barbara Casal.

Note that there was a Hans Biesch von Porta, Landvogt of Maienfeld in 1612.

Landamman Bÿäsch von Porta is mentioned on 14 Wintermon 1639 (gericht 1639-1653, p. 1, v C,3,B). Also on p. 35 a Hauptmann Baiesch v. Porta. Various other mentions including Underweibel Johan v Porta p. 152 ca 1651

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