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Name Freeman Trask1
Birth ? 25 Jan 1787
Death 4 Sep 1833, Garrettsville, Portage, Ohio2
Burial Baptist Cemetery, Garrettsville, Portage, Ohio3
Occupation Farmer
Father Noah Trask (1755-1830)
Mother Deborah Walbridge (1760-)
1 Hannah Knapp
Birth 9 Jul 1790, Massachusetts
Death aft 1850, Illinois
Religion Congregationalist
Father Sgt. Daniel Knapp (1753-1836)
Mother Hannah Savage (1757->1839)
Marriage ? 26 Nov 1807, ? Otsego, New York
Children: Lyman W. (1809-1863)
Hannah (1813-?1856)
Calvin S. (1816-1841)
Laura Louisa (1819->1843)
Daniel K[napp] F[reeman] (1821-1894)
Lucinda (1823-1849)
son (1825-)
Charles Phillips (1829-1830)
Medical Notes for Freeman Trask
His death was described as sudden.
Misc. Notes
Important caution - at this time, having his parents as Noah Trask and Deborah Wallbridge is a best GUESS!

He was signing deeds in Otsego Co., New York, by 1813 along with his wife Hannah and with William Trask and the latter's wife Eunice. He is last seen on a deed/mortage in Otsego in 1821. Banyer (1906) states that he was living in 1810 on the old Morgan Lewis farm on Flax Island Creek and operated a saw mill there. Myers (1976) states that the farm is owned (1976 ?, or possibly repeating Banyer's 1906 information) by Everett Shaver. The Morgan Lewis mentioned bought the place in 1851. The dam for Freeman Trask's sawmill is still visible. This is at the base of lot No. 135 in Myers' map of Otego. Note that the lot numbers here can't be easily reconciled with the early deed descriptions, which put the land mortgaged by Freeman and Hannah Trask as the western 200 acres of lot No. 138. The sawmill is mentioned as being in the southern half of this, as there was a lease for one-third of it with William Trask, begun in 1816 for 16 years. That was mentioned in the 1819 mortgage but not the 1823 mortgage (possibly implying that William died 1819-1823).

This indicates to me that the lot numbering in the Morris Patent area of Myers' map may be in error.

Supposedly in 1815 he went to Allentown, PA, to sell cattle for T.R. Austen and failed to return. Austen allegedly later found him living peaceably in Ohio under the name of Isaac Brown. This does not agree with the facts in any matter other than that he moved to Ohio. I note that S.B. Blakely (1883) has several stories about T.R. Austen which lead me to believe they are apochryphal.

He is supposed to have moved to Ohio about 1824-1825. He appeared on Portage County, Ohio, deeds by 4 August 1825 in Thorndike (later Brimfield) Twp. and tax lists not long after that. His first residence was not far from Atwater, which helps explain how Lyman W. Trask and Lucy Mix met.

Interestingly, he bought the property from Asa Sawyer, Jr., who is presumably some relation to Catherine Sawyer, of Southington Twp., Trumbull Co., who married his son Calvin S. Trask. This provides a means for their meeting. He sold that property on 18 May 1829, and subsequently moved to Nelson Twp., where he apparently rented. He also appears in the school census records with several children in the household. The next year, after he had died, Lyman W. Trask is shown with several children in the household, while according to our family records, he should only have had one child by then. The 1830 census shows only one child in the 0-5 year age range, making it impossible for Lyman to have had several children in school in 1834. This helps support that Lyman is one of his children. Also Daniel K. F. Trask named one of his sons Lyman W. and Calvin S. Trask's son William Calvin Trask named one of his sons Lyman W. Incidentally, Calvin S. is buried adjacent to Dr. Lyman W. Trask.

So there is various evidence in the names of relationships between the Trasks:
William Trask
Freeman Trask (son), m. Hannah Knapp (dau of Daniel Knapp)
Lyman W[illiam?] Trask (gson)
Hannah Trask (gdau)
Calvin S. Trask (gson)
Lucinda Trask (gdau)
Laura Louisa Trask (gdau)
Daniel K[napp?] F[reeman?] Trask (gson)
Hannah N. Trask (ggdau)
Lyman W. Trask (ggson)
Lucinda Trask (ggdau)
Laurette Trask (ggdau)
Charles Philips Trask (gson)

LDS Ancestral File data (which calls him "Truman" Trask) is the source of the 25 Jan 1787 birthdate. I had estimated him as 1786 based on census and obituary data. LDS file is also the source of the marriage date. [Contact the submitter.]

He does not have a surviving gravestone, if one existed. He is buried adjacent to his son Charles according to the sexton records for the Cemetery.
something - Otsego ref (p. 147)
Otsego Co., New York, deeds
Blakely, S.B., p. 93, 1883
1820 U.S. census, Otsego Co., New York, r. 74, p. 88
1830 U.S. census, Portage Co., Ohio, r. 38, p. 228
Notes for Hannah (Spouse 1)
We see two Hannah Trasks getting married in Portage County in 1834 (probably one Hannah (Knapp) Trask, since she had several children to take care of, and a daughter Hannah Trask). The Warner, Beers & Co., History of Portage County, Ohio, lists her as one of the founders of the Congretational Church in Garrettsville in 1834 (p. 463). The land records in Portage Co. show the Reddens selling their land shortly thereafter. They appear in the McLean Co., IL, 1840 census records. D.K.F. Trask married there in 1841 as well as Laura and Lucinda Trask. Note that there were TWO Trask-Maxson weddings there in the 1830s-1840s. This increases odds of the Trasks being brother/sister, as well as the Maxsons.

1850 U.S. census of McLean Co., IL, shows Hannah Redding (ae. 61, born MA.), living with Lucy Ann Maxson (ae. 8) and Freeman Park (ae. 2) in Stout's Grove, which is where D.K.F. Trask's children were buried. She is listed only about 3 families ahead of the listing for D.K.F. Trask, who has Sarah A. and Lydia A. Maxon living with him.

Pioneer Women of the Western Reserve4 states that she came to Ohio in 1824. This is consistent with what we know.

LDS Ancestral file is source for the 9 Jul 1790 birthdate.
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