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Name William Trask
Birth ca 1782, Stafford, Tolland, Connecticut
Death 10 Jul 1820, Chenango, New York
Burial Flax Island Cemetery, Otsego, Otsego, New York
Father Noah Trask (1755-1830)
Mother Deborah Walbridge (1760-)
1 Eunice ???
Birth 1780/1790
Death aft 1830
Marriage ca 1800
Children: Caleb (1800-)
son 2 (1810-)
son 3 (1810-)
daughter 1 (1810-)
daughter 2 (1815-)
Notes for William Trask
I had originally thought him to be Freeman Trask's father from the fact that he signed deeds with Freeman Trask and the age relationship. He is mentioned in 1819 on a mortgage by Freeman Trask as having a one-third lease on Freeman Trask's sawmill. This lease began in 1816 and was to run for 16 years. Significantly, the lease is not mentioned on a similar mortgage written in 1823. So we infer that he may well have died in the 1819-1823 interval. Banyer (1906) states that he is the brother of Noah Trask and also that he died of yellow fever contracted on a trip to Philadelphia for T.R. Austin. Parley Pember is supposedly his brother-in-law.

The newer data that I have on him shows that he is too young to to be the William Trask son of Benjamin Trask. Other data suggests that was the William who married Bathsheba and settled in Heath, Massachusetts. My best guess at the moment is that William Trask and Freeman Trask were brothers.

William Trask and Stephen J. Scott bought 112 acres of land from Daniel and Hannah Knapp and William and Olive Potter on Section 128 of the Morris patent in Unadilla (Otego), Otsego Co., New York, on 13 June 1808.

The old Trask place was on Flax Island, where Flax Island Creek joined the Susquehenna River.

IF we have him identified right, he sold land in Brimfield with his mother after his father's death. He served in the Revolution in 1777 from Brimfield, MA. [Note that the data at the Trask Families web site states THAT William married Bathsheba and settled in Templeton.]

Also serving from there was Noah Trask, and Truman Trask has ties to Monson, MA, and Stafford, CT, the town just south of Monson. This greatly increases the probability of a correct identification. However, the William Trask of Brimfield did not have a brother Noah, the Noah Trask from there was his _______.

That William (b. 1753) and his mother sold the property they inherited from Benjamin Trask on 15 May 1777. I have not been able to pinpoint his residences between Brimfield and Otsego Co., New York, nor where he married. It is also unknown how many children he had.
Banyar, 1906, Otsego Co., New York, deeds
Notes for Eunice (Spouse 1)
It would be convenient if she were a sister of Parley Pember, but the only one listed in Hazen is Anna, born in 1802, far too late for when "our" Eunice is seen.

Listed between Erastus Graves and Chester Hammond at the 1830 census in Otsego. It is conceivable that the "daughter 1" could in fact be the wife of "son 1" at that census.

Possibly the woman aged 60-70 listed with Caleb Trask in Smithfield, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania, at the 1840 census.
Otsego Co., New York, deeds
1830 U.S. census, Otsego Co., New York, r. 102, p. 328, l. 2
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