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Name Justus Loomis11,10
Birth 25 Aug 1745, East Windsor, Connecticut
Death 21 Sep 1824, Monson, Hampden, Massachusetts
1 Sarah Hitchcock10,11,13
Birth 1747, Colchester, Connecticut
Christen 6 Mar 1748, Colchester, Connecticut
Death 10 Aug 1805, Monson, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Father Eliakam Hitchcock (1712-1758)
Mother Ann ??? (->1766)
Marriage 17 Aug 1769
Children: Abdiel (1770-1800)
Sarah (1772-)
Chloe (1775-1850)
Justus (1778-1830)
Elizabeth (1788-)
Roxa (1801-)
2 Hannah Parker
Birth 1765
Death 2 Apr 1853, Monson, Hampden, Massachusetts
Children: Abdiel Parker (1806-1866)
Notes for Justus Loomis
Note that he lived and died in Monson, MA. This is important in tracing associations. One of his daughters married Truman Trask of Butternuts, New York. Note that another daughter married Elisha L. Pember, making another association, since we have indications that Parley Pember was a brother-in-law of William Trask.

Hazen14 has his ancestry back to immigrant Joseph Loomis.
Corbin Coll., r. 28
Notes for Sarah (Spouse 1)
Quite likely a cousin. Fill in her ancestry.
Corbin Coll., r. 28
Notes for Hannah (Spouse 2)
Hazen has her as "Sarah (----)"
Loomis, E.S., p. 177, 1908.
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