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Name Elizabeth Gully17,15,6
Father John Gully
1 John Giles15
2 Osmond Trask15,16,6
Birth abt 1627, Somersetshire (?), England
Death bef 5 Mar 1676, Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Immigration ca 1649, Salem, Essex, Massachusetts
Father ??? Traske
Marriage 22 May 1663, Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Children: Benjamin (1669-1753)
Samuel (<1675-)
Joseph (<1675-1735)
Elizabeth (<1675-)
William (ca1671-1723)
Jonathan (<1675-ca1745)
Edward (1677-1737)
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
Resided at Salem, MA.
Notes for Osmond (Spouse 2)
Resided in Beverly, MA. He was a planter, and a proprietor in Salem before 1649, then moved to Beverly. He made a deposition in 1665 when he was aged about 38 years. Savage speculates that he may have been the brother of John Trask of Salem, son of Capt. William. Pope points out that the inventory of his estate says that he is owed 2 pounds by his brother's son John. The estate also shows that he owed a parcel of land to his brother's son John, reinforcing the above. The only John Trask in Massachusetts at that time was the son of Capt. William Traske, providing pretty firm evidence that he was the brother of Capt. William, NOT Capt. William's son John. Though the difference in ages is pretty extreme, but not without precedent in this database. Perhaps it is the case of an oldest son of a first wife and a youngest son of a later wife.
Essex Co., MA, probate records, v. 3, p. 124
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