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Name Prudence Stockton51,26,53
Birth Dec 1584, Alcester, England
Christen 20 Dec 1584, Alcester, England
Death ca 1645, MA
Immigration 1637, Massachusetts
1 Rev. Edward Holyoke51,26,53
Birth Feb 1585/1586, Alcester, England
Christen 15 Feb 1585/1586, Alcester, England
Death 4 May 1660, Rumney Marsh (Chelsea), MA
Immigration 1637, Massachusetts
Occupation Minister
Marriage Jun 1612, Kimcote, Leicestershire, England
Children: John (1613-1635)
Elizabeth (1615-1659)
Elizur (1617-1676)
Edward (1619-1631)
Ann (1621-ca1665)
Dora (1623->1637)
Mary (1625->1664)
Susannah (?1629-?1716)
Sarah (ca1631-1666)
Notes for Prudence Stockton
Holyoke54 has details of her life and ancestry.

The details on hers and her husbands ancestry should be put back into the database as they are now back IN the ancestry. *****
Notes for Edward (Spouse 1)
Holyoke54 has considerable details about his life and ancestry.

Also see Richardson, Douglas, 1993, "The English Ancestry of Edward Holyoke and of his nephew, Thomas Morris of New Haven," New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg., v. 147, pp. 11-34; Richardson, Douglas, 1993, "The Stockton Family: Ancestry of Prudence (Stockton) Holyoke," New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg., v. 147, pp. 164-173.

These details were included in the database as the Holyoke were not at one point believed to be direct ancestors. This was due to a revised later descent, but a FURTHER revision put them back in line. So the details should be inserted.
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