Name??? ???
Death1565, Downton, Wiltshire, England255
Mother??? ???
ChildrenRoger (-1604)
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
His will is dated 26 April 1564 and was proved 9 May 1565.

"Archdeaconry of Court of Sarum[= Salisbury], Register 4, folio 193.

Testam. Johanis Estman de Downton.

In the name of god amen the xxvi day of aprill in the yere of o lord god mccccclxiiii, I, John Estman of Charleton within the pyshe of Downton, wthin the Countie of wyltess, husbandman, beynge sycke in body but pfitt in memory, do make my last will and testament after this maner & forme following. Ffyrst & principally I give and bequeath my sowle to almightie god my maker, redeamer and savior, trustying by the meyrytts of his blessed passion to be child of salvation, my body to be buryed within the churche of Saynt lawrence in Downton where my father doth lye.

Itm, I geve to our Lady church of Sar [= Cathedral at Salisbury] vi d. Itm, I geve to m vicar of Downton for my tythes forgotten xii-d. Itm, I geve & bequeath to the Reparations of my pyshe churche of Downton iii-s iiii-d. Itm, I geve & bequeath to the reparations of Catheryn brydge of Downton xiii-d. Itm, I geve & bequeath to Willm Estman my sonne x ltie shepe, v of them shalbe ewes & v of them shalbe lambes, & in money good and lawfull v-li & ii acres of wheate, the one lying in hoker linche & one half acre btwn the lyncherd & hym, & the other half acre by the grene thorne.

Itm, I geve & bequeath to John, Willm, Walter & Florence, sones & daughters to the said Willm Estman iii shepe apece, & to evry one of [them] in money good & lawfull x-s a pece, and to each of them one pewter platter apece, & betwene the said iii children I geve one sparked cowe, w-ch Cowe goeth now in the forrest, & shalbe distributed by the direction of ther father, yf any of thes said iiii children do decease or dye before they come to pfitt age to make ther wills that then the legatye of them that fayle or dye shall remayne to them that lyveth, equally to be devyded betwene them & go from the one to the other. Itm, I geve & bequeath unto John Eastman & to Willm his brother, sones to Roger Estman, iii shepe a pece & to each of them in money good and lawfull x-s apece & a pewter platter apece, & betwene them a blacke heyffer. Yf the said John or Willm decease or dye before they come to the age to make ther wills that then the legatye of the one shall remayne to the other.

Itm, I geve & bequeath to elizabeth barrye my sunt [= servant] ii yewe shepe. Itm, I geve & bequeath to Willm newman my sunt one yewe. Itm, I geve and bequeath to evry one of my god children iiii-d apece yf they will come & aske hitt of my executor. Itm, I geve and bequeath to Richard Carter pyshe clerke of Downton half a bs of wheat & as mutche of mault.

The Rest of all my goods movable and unmovable herein not bequeathed, my detts and legatyes payd, I geve & bequeath them all unto Roger my sonne makynge hym my whole and sole executor, desyring Rob Carpeter & Nycholas newman to be my ovrsears, & they shall have for their paynes iii-s iiii-d a pece. Wytnesses to this my last will & testament, Richard Cockes, willm Modye & Richard Cates.

Pbat fuit testm supa script Johanis Estman nup de Downton nre Jurems Arctimus save defunct cara magno Johe James in legibz bacc Office dni arctii sax ix-o. Die mes maij A Dni mts ccccc-o lxv-o. Ac p itm appbat ac Comissqz fuit ec."[Latin note appended to the will may be modernized as follows: "The above-written will of John Estman, late of Downton in our Jurisdiction of the Archdeaconry of Salisbury, deceased, was proved before Master John James, bachelor of law, official of the Lord Archdeacon of Salisbury, on the ninth day of the month of May in the year of our Lord 1565, and by him approved, etc., and [administration] was granted, etc"]255
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