NameLuke Hitchcock136,214,237
Birth1614, England
Death1 Nov 1659, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut235,236 Age: 45
Immigration1635, Connecticut Age: 21
Mother??? ???
BirthFenny Compton, England
Death25 Apr 1696, Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts235,236
Mother??? ???
ChildrenJohn (1642-1712)
 Hannah (1645-1724)
 Luke (1655-1727)
Notes for Luke Hitchcock
Luke took the oath of fidelity at New Haven on 1 July 1644, at the same time as Edward and Matthias Hitchcock. These three were most likely brothers. Matthias testified regarding Edward's testamentary wishes on the latter's death. Matthias was one of the original settlers, as he signed the fundamental agreement there on 4 June 1639. It is not known exactly when Edward and Luke arrived in New Haven.
He served on juries on 5 June 1646 and on 2 March 1648. Jacobus remarks that the second service mentioned was unusual, as the plaintiff in the first case heard that day was his brother-in-law, William Gibbons. He must have been held in high regard for his integrity by the parties involved in the case. As it happens, the jury ruled for the defendant and against his brother-in-law.
Served as selectman at Wethersfield in 1653 and 1656.
He had two lots of land at Wethersfield. His house was on the one to the north of Samuel Hale's lot, and this one had originally belonged to Rev. Richard Denton. Rev. Denton sold it to Luke's brother-in-law in 1641, when the Reverend moved to Stamford. Luke appears to have bought it from his brother-in-law in 1647. His barn was on the adjacent lot.
Jacobus states that the Hitchcock Genealogy is the source of the information that he was a shoemaker, but disputes that was a Captain in the militia or held any military office. Jacobus also considers the account of his life by his great-grandson in that genealogy to be considerably inflated.
He was one of those who signed the agreement on 18 April 1659 which led to the founding of Hadley, Massachusetts. It is not known if he went to that site at that point but Jacobus considers it less likely as he died not long thereafter. Some of the settlers of that agreement went to the site in 1659, but others did not go until 1661.
He made his will on 17 October 1659, still calling himself of Wethersfield. He stated that he was "in some weakness of body" but of sound mind and memory. His wife and children were mentioned. His daughter Hannah was to receive £40 in addtion to "her uncle's gift." This was a bequest to her by William Gibbons. The inventory of his estate amounted to £452 and it was conducted by Rev. John Russell, John Hubbard, and Thomas Welles.244

A number of sources provide further details on his life and his descendants. One of these is Russell Snow Hitchcock, 1947.245
Notes for Elizabeth (Spouse 1)
Abbot has her death date as 14 April 1696243 and Roloson has her name as "Elizabeth Smith".239
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