NameWilliam Warren322
Deathbef 26 Sep 1554, Bures Saint Mary, Essex, England
Death1567/1570, Bures Saint Mary, Essex, England
 William (-<1567)
 Katherine (ca1530-<1567)
 John (~1536-)
 Robert (ca1538->1567)
 Julyan (1542->1567)
 child 8 (~1545->1567)
 child 9 (~1548->1567)
 Elizabeth (~1551-<1592)
 child 11 (~1554->1567)
Notes for William Warren
He died intestate and administration of his estate was granted to his widow Katherine on 26 September 1554.

There is a William Warren who was buried at Bures Saint Mary on 12 October 1550, so either Katherine waited four years to settle his estate, or it is a burial from an earlier generation or a grandchild.
Notes for Katherine (Spouse 1)
Katherine made her will on 31 July 1567 and it was proved January 1570/1. She was living in Bures Saint Mary, Essex, England when she made the will. Threlfall has a partial transcription of the will:

" ... to be buried in the churchyard of Bures ... to the poor men's box 3 s. 4 d. ... to Julyan my daughter 2 boulsters & 2 beds with all that [be]longeth to them, both headcloths & ceilings, the one of them in the chamber where I lie & the other in the chamber over it, 2 hutches one in the upper chamber & the other in the nether chamber with all that is in them, a cauldron & the poorest brass pot, 2 kettles & all my woolen apparel, a latten chafing dish, a stainer of latten, a postnet, all my hay and straw, a dripping pan of iron, all my pewter saving 4 platters, a spit, an andiron, all my linen, a frying pan, all the hangings about my house ... I give unto John Awnsell my son in law 20 lbs. cheese, a pair of quernes, a wennel, a black hog, a little brass pot, a little kettle, 3 lb. & a half of wool & 20 s. of money and 2 plates. I give to the 2 children of the said Ansell, John & Alice, either of then 3 s. 4 d. To Thomas Waryn my son a young cow, a yellow [___]erly, the h[___]yer, 2 platters, 15 s. of money, a kettle, 20 lbs. cheese, a half seam vat & a kneading trough, half the corn of the growing & 3 lb. & a half of wool & the other half I give to Julyan my daughter. I give to John Waryn my son 30 s. of money whereof he hath nine of it already in his custody & the great chair & 10 cheeses & all the residue of my cheeses I give Julian Waryn my daughter. I give Thomas Waryn my son a pig, the sow & the shoat I give unto Julyan my daughter. I give unto Robert Waryn my son 40 s. of lawful money of England. I give unto William Waryn & John Waryn the sons of Thomas Warren my son 6 s. 8 d. to be equally divided between them, that is to say, 3 s. 4 d. apiece. I give to Julyan Waryn my daughter a cubboard, a table & a form, 2 chairs, a round table, a cheese press & all that belongeth to the milk house, 2 great troughs & a pair of pails, a half seam vat, a [____] & a laten ladle, a clothe basket, a piece of gold of 15 s. I give to Julyan Waryn 20 s. All the residue of my goods and chattels ... depts paid, my will fulfilled, my will proved ... I give unto my 4 young children to be equally divided among them share and share alike ... Thomas Waryn my son & Julyan my daughter my executors ... Witnesses: Christopher Raine, William Fisher & John Fisher with others."

Threlfall points out that Katherine specifically named four grandchildren but did not name her four youngest children. Thus Susan may have been one of the unnamed children or a granddaughter.322
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