Person Sheet

Name Aaron Knapp419
Birth England
Immigration ? 1638, Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts419
1 Elizabeth ???
Birth England
Marriage England
Children: Aaron (~1645-1724)
John (~1650-1724)
Samuel (-~1719)
Moses (-1685)
Elizabeth (1653-~1690)
Notes for Aaron Knapp
This information is sketched in from that provided by Patricia Knapp. It appears that she is citing data from the works of A. A. Knapp. Any statements and dates should be confirmed from those works and from primary sources whenever possible. From my recolllection, much of A. A. Knapp's work relates to the descendants of Nicholas Knapp. I am not sure of the extent of his coverage of Aaron Knapp's family. Patricia notes considerable disagreement between some information sources. My examination of her discussions suggests that later in the line there may be confusion caused by similar names - thus resulting in a generation being missed or two cousins with the same name being confused.

So, treat the data from Aaron down to Daniel (father-in-law to Freeman Trask) as a GUIDE, but certainly not gospel!
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