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Name Dea. Nathaniel Sr. Dickinson423
Birth 1600, Ely, Cambridgeshire, England517
Immigration 1634423
Death 16 Jun 1676, Hadley, Massachusetts423,517
Burial Old Hadley Cemetery, Hadley, Massachusetts518
Occupation Town clerk, selectman, magistrate
Father William Dickinson (1570-1629)
Mother Sarah Stacy
1 Anna ???423
Death bef 1676518
Marriage Jan 1630, England423
Children: John (1630-1676)
Joseph (1632-1675)
Thomas (ca1633-1712)
Hannah (1636-1723)
Samuel (1638-1711)
Obadiah (1641-1698)
Nathaniel (1643-1710)
Nehemiah (ca1644-1723)
Hezekiah (1645-1707)
Azariah (1648-1675)
Notes for Dea. Nathaniel Sr. Dickinson
Nathaniel and his brothers John and Thomas became members of the "Cambridge Company" of settlers for New England in August 1629. No record of their travel to New England has been found, nor has there been any record of them in New England until their appearance in the new town of Wethersfield, Connecticut, in 1635-1636. So it cannot be taken as established that they came to New England as early as 1630.

Nathaniel became a freeman in Connecticut in 1637. He was chosen as town clerk at Wethersfield in 1640 and served as selectman from 1645 to 1656 in the Connecticut General Assembly. The Dickinson family were prominent settlers of Wethersfield, Connecticut, until 1659.

They were members of the large religious group which moved to Hadley, Massachusetts, in 1659. This group, the "Withdrawers," from Wethersfield, Hartford, and Windsor, felt that the then current church members were unnecessarily relaxing the earlier standards established for these churches. There was a meeting at Goodman Ward's house in Hartford on 18 April 1659, and fifty-nine men signed an agreement to create a new settlement. This would be on land purchased from three Indian chiefs some 50 miles up the Connecticut River near Northampton, Massachusetts, a trading post founded some five years earlier. They had the permission of the Massachusetts authorities to found this settlement. Nathaniel Sr. and his sons John and Thomas were three of signers of the agreement. Nathaniel was one of the group of five chosed to go to the new town site and to lay out the lots. he had earlier acted as a surveyor at Wethersfield. The 59 lots were each to be some eight acres in extent and to be along a Broad Street 20 rods wide.

Many houses had been built in the new town of Hadley by 1661 and additional home lots had been laid out west of the river in the area which became Hatfield. Nathaniel Sr.'s, John's and Thomas' lots were on the east side of Broad Street in Hadley. Nathaniel Jr. and Samuel got lots in Hatfield and Nathaniel Sr. lived there for a while before returning to Hadley.

He served as deacon of the Hadley church, first town recorder, selectman, assessor, and town magistrate. He was a member of the initial board of trustees of the Hopkins Academy. His will is dated 29 May 1676.

"Last Will and Testament of Nathaniel Dickenson

I, Nathaniel Dickenson, Senior, late of Haytfield, now of Hadley, in ye County of Hampshire, upon Connitticut, doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament, as follows:
Imprimis, making a full surrender of myself, soule and body, into ye hands of God, my Creator, and Jesus Christ, my alone Savior and Redeemer, relying on Him for all yt I need and hope for in this world, & yt which is to come, & leaving my body to decent burriell in hope of a blessed resurrection, I do bestow yt portion of outward estate which the Lord in His Fatherlie mercy hath blessed me with, in manner following: my debtes and funerall expenses being first payd.
Secondly: I doe give unto my son Nehemiah, my house & barn & homelott, with all the preveledges and appurtenances thereto belonging; as alsoe one-half my meaddow land in Hadley (except what is hereinafter excepted) with the preveledges and appurtenances thereto belongin; to be to him and his heirs forever, besides what was Thomas Webster's.
I give my daughter-in-law, Dorcas, widdow of my son Azariah, four acres & a half Meaddow land, bounded by my son, Thomas, his land east; Francis Barnard, west; John Hubbard, north; & ye highway, south; so as to be her and her heirs forever. Further, I give or abate to her all yt was my due for ye rent of my land from her, & alsoe doe give to her ye rent money that was due to me for my oxen; and alsoe 3 pounds that was due for a barrell (unpayd) of port; all & every of ye premised I give to ye said Dorcas as her own, to be here and her heirs forever.
The rest of my meaddow in Hadley, I doe give to be equally divided betweene all of my sons (except Nehemiah) and my daughters - Frances Dickenson and Hannah Clary - which my executors shall either equally divide to all my aforesaid children, or else pay to each their proportion of ye sayd lands, as it shall be prized in County pay, within two years after my decease to ym and their heirs forever.
To my son, Thomas, I give my house and lott I bought of Mr. Watson; he paying to Mr. Wattson ye Thirty Pounds yt due for the same; or, if he like it not on those terms, then it shall be last in among my dividable estate to my children.
To my son Samuel, I give my house and home lott in Haytfield, to be him and his heirs forever, together with the preveledges and appurtenances thereto belonging.
To my son, Obadiah, I give all ye rest of my land in Haytfield, with ye preveledges and appurtenaces thereto belonging, to be to him and his heirs forever; and my meaning and will is that these two, my sons, Samuel and Obadiah, shall not come in for a share of my land in Hadley, but this given them in Haytfield shall be instead of it.
To my son, William Gull, (step-son) I give Three Pounds which he oweth me ofr a barrell of pork.
All ye rest of my estate I give to be equally divided amongst all my sons and daughters. Frances Dickenson and Hannah Clary having equal shares with their breatheren.
I do hereby make & ordaine my two sons, Thomas & Nehemiah, executors of this my last will & testament, hereunto as my last will and testament I have subjoyned my hand & seal this present 29th day of May, 1676.

Nathaniel Dickenson

In presence of:
Joseph Kellog
John Russell, Junior

The desire of ye testator is yt ye share given unto Frances Dickenson, may, if she see meet, be given to Sameul Gillett's chidren."519
Notes for Anna (Spouse 1)
She is not mentioned in Nathaniel's will so she probably died before him.518
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