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Name Daniel Hoar91,72,51,92
Birth 1650, Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts90
Death aft 1718
Father John Hoar (ca1622-1704)
Mother Alice ??? (-1696)
1 Mary Stratton90,91,72,92
Birth 19 Jan 1656, Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Death 1716
Father Samuel Stratton (1625-1707)
Mother Mary Frye (1631-1674)
Marriage 19 Jul 1677, Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts90,93
Children: John (1678-1764)
Daniel (1680-1773)
Leonard (1682-1771)
Jonathan (-1702)
Joseph (-1707)
Mary (1689-1703)
Samuel (1691-1746)
Benjamin (1693-1775)
Isaac (1695-1720)
David (1698-)
Elizabeth (1701-)
2 Mary Coleburn90,91
Birth Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts95
Marriage 16 Oct 1717, Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts96,97
Notes for Daniel Hoar
See Nourse91 for an account of his history. He was almost executed when he was present at an incident where some Christian Indians were murdered. He and a companion were fined, but two others were hung for the murder. Additional details in Thoreson, Elsie, p. 10, 1992. Bouley94 has a brief account of him.

D. W. Hoare has the standard details on his children but will not be cited for most of them as he is using the same sources as the rest.
88 (p. 10)
Notes for Daniel & Mary (Family)
They were married by Rev. John Whiting.
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