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Name Philip Corbin112,119
Birth 5 Jan 1708, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut120
Death 1774, Dudley, Worcester, Massachusetts
Father James Corbin (1665-1736)
Mother Hannah Eastman (1679-1752)
1 Dorothy Barstow112,119
Birth 28 Mar 1714, Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Father Jeremiah Barstow (1682->1731)
Mother Sarah Howe (1688-)
Marriage 13 Jan 1731, Thompson, Windham, Connecticut121
Children: Elizabeth (1732-)
Philip (1735-)
Dorothy (1738-)
Lemuel (1740-1825)
John (1741-1807)
Lois (1744-)
William (1746-1826)
Jedediah (1751-)
Abel (1755-)
Notes for Philip Corbin
Lawson provides various details. He bought land at Keemoochaug [the early name for Dudley] from William Dudley on 13 February 1730. This land was adjacent to that of Clement Corbin. He and his brothers Clement and James bought one acre of land for a burying-ground from Joseph Peffer of Dudley. Philip was quite prominent in the town of Dudley and held various offices. These included fence viewer (1734, 1741, 1766), highway surveyor (1739, 1750, 1754, 1771), tything man (1740, 1741, 1765), constable for the east side (1745), committee on schools (1757-1760, 1766), committee to seat meeting-house (1756), committee to repair meeting-house (1768).

His will is dated 1774 and he gave his son Jedediah part of the family farm "said barn and said barnyard to be in common with said Philip and said Jedediah."121
Notes for Dorothy (Spouse 1)
Lawson notes, as do others, that there was a wide variability in the spelling of her surname in the early records.121
Notes for Philip & Dorothy (Family)
Lawson quotes from the town records: "Philip Corbin of Kekamoochang [Dudley] and Dorothy Bestaw of Thompson were married Jan. 13, 1730-1, by me, Amos Throop."121
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