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Name Dorcas Buckminster131
Birth 1629132
Death 22 Jan 1722, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut133
Burial Woodstock Hill Cemetery, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut133
Father Thomas Buckminster (-1656)
Mother Joanna ??? (-1676)
1 Clement Corbin131
Birth 1626, England134
Death 8 Jan 1696, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut133
Burial Woodstock Hill Cemetery, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut133
Father ??? Corbin
Marriage 7 Mar 1655, Muddy River (Brookline), Suffolk, Massachusetts132
Children: Thomas (~1656-<1704)
Mary (~1658-)
John (~1660-)
James (1665-1736)
Jabez (1668-1736)
Dorcas (-<1696)
Joanna (-1686)
Margaret (1673-1675)
Margaret (1676-)
Notes for Dorcas Buckminster
Her father's will of 2 July 1656 mentions her "children" which normally would be an indication of more than one child. Given the date of her marriage and the date of her will, it probably was an indication that she was expecting a child at that time. Her father mentioned the number of grandchildren for each of her siblings who had a family at that time.

Lawson includes a photograph of their gravestones taken while they were being renovated at the marble works of the Love Brothers at Webster, Massachusetts. This was done in 1897 and was paid for by Mrs. Caroline Fairfield Corbin of Chicago.133
Notes for Clement (Spouse 1)
Lawson is the primary source for what follows. The birthplace and names of the parents of Clement are not known. Mr. Francis J. Parker of Boston provided family records of Rev. Laban Ainsworth to Lawson for the Corbin Genealogy. In those Rev. Laban [descent Mary Ainsworth, Mary Marcy, James, Clement] stated that Clement was "from the west of England, called a Welchman."
One would want to get a contemporary account of this as many people from Devon and Cornwall (the west of England), were later considered by their descendants to be from Wales as most Americans do not make the clear distinctions between England and Wales that residents of Britain do [M.A.H.].
A man named Clement Corbin was an inhabitant and landholder in Barbados in 1638. It is not known if he was related to the Clement who settled in Massachusetts or if this was just a coincidence. It would not be this Clement if the information on his date of birth is at all accurate.
Lawson states that an ancestral chart belonging to Ernest A. Corbin shows the parents of Clement as "John and Margaret Corbin." The source of this information was not cited and Lawson was not able to find anything to support it. Lawson also states that several of the families in the Corbin descent have a tradition that there were two or three brothers who came to New England, with one family naming these as Philip and John.
Another family tradition was that the Corbins were of French Hugenot origin. Lawson states that this is possible as there are many Corbin families in France.
It also is not known when Clement arrived in New England, with Lawson feeling that it was in the great migration of 1640-1650.

Clement bought 42 acres of land at Muddy River (now Brookline), Massachusetts, in the fall of 1656. "On Oct. 7, 1656 Jane Tare 'now wife of Richard Tar, heretofore the widow of Jno. Parker late of Boston, together with Thomas Parker his sonne,' upon payment of 10 by Clement Corbin, sold him 'that parcel of Land commonly known by the Eighth Lott Scituated Att Muddy River, being forty-two acres more or less.'" [Suffolkd Deeds, Boston, Vol. II, p. 303]
This land was adjoining to Roxbury, where Clement and his family became members of the First Church, with John Eliot, the "Apostle to the Indians," as minister. Clement contributed 1 10s. to the building of the first Roxbury meeting-house.
He bought additional land in Muddy River in 1663. It is recorded that "Clement Corbin took up a stray hiefer Dec. 16, 1664," [Suffolk Deeds, vol. I, p. 32.]
His tax assessment in 1687 was 4s. 6d. for 19 acres of land, 6 head of cattle, 1 colt, 10 sheep, 2 swine, and 2 housing. [Brookline Records] Obviously he had sold some of his land there if he originally bought 42 acres in 1656, then additional land in 1663 [M.A.H.]
He was still being taxed at Muddy River on 31 December 1691, but he may have moved to Woodstock by that time and retained ownership of some land at his first home.
The town of Woodstock was founded as "New Roxbury" in 1686 by the inhabitants of the original Roxbury as they were finding themselves confined by the population growth and influx of new settlers in the original town.
James Corbin, the then unmarried son of Clement, was one of the original settlers at the new town, going there in the first group in 1686. He drew home lot No. 2, on the west side of "Plaine Hill" (now called Woodstock Hill), which contained 20 acres. James was probably preparing the way for his parents and siblings, who appear to have arrived the next year. The 7 January 1688 town meeting at Woodstock "... was granted to Clemt. Corbin a 20 acre lott wth. all Rights provided he pay al charges past present and to come, according to his proportion."
Clements land was home lot No. 43, "which he had before possessed," located on the northwest side of the highway to Muddy Brook. Jabez Corbin received the nearby home lot No. 48. Clement was described as being from Brookline and was one of the only four people not from Roxbury who received home lots.

Clement's last will and testament (cited by Lawson from the Suffolk County Probate Records, v. XI, p. 207; v. XV, p. 333):
" In the name of God, Amen. The sixth day of February, 1695-6, I, Clement Corbin of Woodstock in the County of Suffolk in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, Husbandman, being through mercy in good mature healt and of sound disposing mnd and memory, yet knowing the uncertainty of the present life, and being desirous that peace and love may be kept and maintained in my Family after I am gone the way of all Flesh. Do therefore setle and dispose of my temporal Goods and Estate by this my last Will and Testament in manner as therein is hereafter expressed.
Imprimis. I will that all my just debts and necessary charges for my interment be well and truly paid and discharged with all conveniency.
Item, and forasmuch as I have already settled my two sons (namely) James and Jabez Corbin, the said James upon my Land at Muddy River, and the said Jabez upon my Living at Woodstock, whereby I have given out comfortable portions of my Estate to them, for and under such conditions and Reservations as I have made with each of them, my son James standing obliged to pay the sum of Four score pounds unto whom I shall see good to order, the same at and before the end and Expiration of three years next after mine and my Wives deceased.
I do give and bequeath the said Four scor pounds in manner following.
That is to say Forty pounds thereof unto my daughter Mary Gardner and her heirs, and the other Forty pounds to my Daughter Margaret Davis and her heirs, the said sum to be paid in the same species as is expressed in his obligation.
Item. I give and bequeath unto my Eldest son Thomas Corbin, if he be yet living and return home and to his heirs Three hundred acres of land lying in Massamuggatick in the Nipmug Country, which with what I have advanced and disbursed for his Redemption out of Captivity will make up his portion of my estate.
Item. I give and bequeath unto Dorcas my loving Wife all my Goods and movables and other Estate not herein before disposed of, and make her my Executrix of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills whatsoever.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the Seal the day and year first above written.
Clement Corbin his marke and a seal; Signed, sealed and published by the within named Clement Corbin to be his last Will and Testament in presence of us.
Examined by

The will was probated by William Stoughton at Boston on 7 September 1696.

Clement's estate was inventoried at:
" Inventory. The inventory of the estate of Clement Corbin deceased, August 2, 1696, taken by us the subscribers the 14 of August at the desire of Dorcas Corbin, Relict, Widow of the said deceased.
s. d.
In wearing cloaths 7 - -
Gun - 12 -
Linnen 12 - -
Pewter 1 - 1
Money 8 13 -
Bedding 11 - -
Brass 3 - 4
Iron-ware 1 - 1
Wooden-ware - - 5
Land 20 - -
Cow 3 - -
Mortar, sieve, glass bottles, - 3 6
67 18 6

Notes for Clement & Dorcas (Family)
The marriage was performed by Capt. Humphrey Atherton.132
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