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Name Thomas Buckminster
Birth Wales132
Death 30 Sep 1656, Muddy River (Brookline), Suffolk, Massachusetts132
Immigration bef 1640, Massachusetts132
1 Joanna ???
Birth Wales132
Death 1676
Children: Elizabeth
Dorcas (1629-1722)
Thomas (>1635-)
Joseph (>1635-)
Jabez (>1635-)
Sarah (>1635-)
Notes for Thomas Buckminster
Thomas was made a freeman on 6 May 1646. His will was 2 September 1656 and is recorded in Vol. VI of the Suffolk County Probate Records.

" 2 of ye 7th month, 1656. I Thomas Buckmaster of Muddy River, being now sick & in my owne apprehension neare ye day of my death, yet being in my perfect sences, doe make this my last will.
I gve to my son Zachery forty shillings, to my daughter Elizabeth Spowell, daughter Mary Stevens, daughter Dorcas Corben fourty shillings each. To my son Thomas, son Joseph, son Jabash fourty shillings (each to be paid when severally one and twenty years of age). To my daughter Spowell's ten children, twenty shillings, to be put intoye deacon's hands to be improved for ye Children's learning. Unto my daughter Stephen's two children, twenty shillings, daughter Corben's children ten shillings, to my son Zachery's child ten shillings. - wife Joanna, Executrix, giving unto her all my lands and goods. It is my will that my two youngest sons, Joseph and Jabesh dwell with my wife and faithfully serve her till they be one and twenty years of age, but if my wife shall marry before they come to ye age, they shall be free. I give to my daughter Sarah forty shillings, to be paid at her day of marriage, or at ye age of one and twenty years; this was forgotten to be set in place with ye rest; this is my will.
Ye mark X
Wittn. Jno. Winchester
Jno. Lawrence.

John Winchester deposed before ye magistrate 23 Nov. 1656, yt he writ the paper which he also read to Thomas Buckmaster who declared it to be his last will.
Edward Rawson, Recorder."

His estate was inventored by Peter Oliver and Jno. Winchester on 2 November 1656. It amounted to 112 16s. 6d.188
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