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Name Thomas Hatch285
Birth ca 1596, Kent, England
Death bef 14 Jun 1646, Scituate, Plymouth, MA
Immigration ? 1638, Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Father William Hache (1563-1611)
Mother Anne ??? (->1629)
1 Lydia ???285
Immigration abt 1638, Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Marriage ca 1622, England
Children: William (ca1624-ca1702)
Jeremiah (1626-1710)
Thomas (1628->1684)
Mary (ca1631->1656)
Alice (1636->1669)
Hannah (<1646->1659)
Notes for Thomas Hatch
He lived in Wye and Tenterden, Kent, England, and at Scituate, MA.

Visitation Books of the Consistory of Canterbury
1627, 19 November. Thomas Hatch was presented by the churchwardens of Wye for teaching school without being licensed; and he was presented at every subsequent court until 9 June 1628, when he was licensed.

He may have emigrated to New England in 1638 aboard the ship "Castle", with his brother, who was making his second trip. He was proposed for freeman in Scituate on 5 Mar 1638/9.
Notes for Lydia (Spouse 1)
After her second marriage, she did not move to Watertown where her new husband lived. The Plymouth Colony Records (v. 3, p. 174), 6 Oct 1659, show:

"Conserning a certaine woman, viz', the wife of John Spring, of Watertowne, which was somtimes the wife of Thomas Hatch, of Scittuate, which said woman hath liued about three or four yeares att Scittuate from her husband, the Court haue ordered, that shee either repaire to her husband with all convenient speed, or to repaire to Duxburrow to the house of Mr. Alden, on the twentieth of this p'sent month of October, to giue a reason why shee doth not; and incase shee shall refuse to attend this order, the Court will take a speedy course to send her to said husband."

She must have satisfied the court, for she was living in Scituate, as Lydia Spring, on 27 Sep 1665 when she testifield about her son-in-law Jonas Pickles' will.
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