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Name Lt. Edward Morris277,279,293
Birth Jan 1632, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England
Christen 22 Jan 1632, Great Amwell, Hertfordshire, England
Immigration bef Feb 1653, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death ca 27 Oct 1690, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut
Burial Woodstock Hill Cemetery, Woodstock, Windham, Connecticut
Father Edward Morrison (ca1595-1631)
Mother Prudence Heath (1597->1632)
1 Grace Bett277,279,293
Death 6 Jun 1705, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage 29 Nov 1655, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Children: Isaac (1656-1715)
Edward (1658-1727)
Grace (1660-1723)
Ebenezer (1664-1718)
Elizabeth (1666-1752)
Margaret (1668-1750)
Samuel (1670-1745)
Martha (1674-1756)
Notes for Lt. Edward Morris
The attribution of Thomas Morris and Grissie Newsome as his parents is incorrect279.

He immigrated by 23 Feb 1652/3 to New England where he lived first at Roxbury, MA, and later at Woodstock, CT. He and his descendants used the Morris spelling of the surname.

The Roxbury records of 23 Feb 1652/3 have: "Voted, that William Peacock and Edward Morris have four acres each, and William Lyon three acres of common land upon the common by John Polley's: the land to be lotted by division as their lot falls provided they build upon the land within two years, with no liberty to carry away any wood or timber or sell further than for building purposes until they have been built upon the land."

29 Jan 1654: "That the ground by John Polley's that was given to Edward Morris, is upon John Maye's request and Edward Morris' forfeiture, granted to John May, provided he build there within this twelvemonth, or to some other inhabitant with the same terms."

His marriage was performed by Richard Bellingham, Deputy Governor.

After his marriage he had land in "the highway from Elder Heath's pasture lot by Soney river and Gamblin's end." This is where the modern Amory and School Streets are in Roxbury. He was living there in 1663 when he was ordered to move his fences so that the highway could be widened.

Morris 293 has much more on him, add later.

The mention of his death in the October 1690 Woodstock Town Records is the first in those records before 1695. He was possibly the first of the town settlers to die. His gravestone was probably added or replaced circa 1727, because of it's similarity to that of Deacon Edward Morris, who died in 1727. This is because the inscribed date on it is in error, as he was elected to office and served in it after that date.

" Here lies buried the
Body of Leut. Edward Moris
Deceas'd Septembr
Notes for Grace (Spouse 1)
The record of the marriage is the only place where the surname Bett appears in the Boston records, so it is possible that this is a mistake. This is especially true since the surviving record is a transcription of earlier ones which no longer exist. Savage thought it was an error for Burr, but Morris293 thinks it may be an error for Bell, connected with Thomas Bell who was prominent in Roxbury 1635-1654. He also points out that the Betts surname was seen in the area near Waltham Abbey.
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