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Name Dea. Jonathan Burt336
Birth 23 Jan 1625, Harberton, Devonshire, England
Christen 23 Jan 1625, Harberton, Devonshire, England337
Death 19 Oct 1715, Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts338,337
Occupation Selectman, town clerk, etc.
Father Henry Burt (ca1595-1662)
Mother Ulalia Marche (ca1597-1690)
1 Elizabeth Lobdel286
Birth probably England339
Death 11 Nov 1684, Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts338,339
Immigration 1645340
Father ??? Lobdel
Marriage 20 Oct 1651, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts338,339
Children: Elizabeth (1652-1683)
Jonathan (1654-1707)
Sarah (1656-1746)
John (1658-1712)
Henry (1663-1748)
child (Stillborn) (1665-1665)
Mercy (1681-1683)
2 Deliverance Langton339
Death 10 Jun 1718, Suffield, Connecticut339
Father George Langton
Mother ??? ???
Marriage 14 Dec 1686, Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts341,340
Notes for Dea. Jonathan Burt
See Burnham284 for historical notes as well as R.S. Hitchcock342. Chapin157 has only six children. Jonathan wrote an account of the destruction of Springfield by the fire in 1675.

He was the oldest surviving son and followed his father into public service. He was elected Selectman before his father's death, serving 1657-1659. He later was elected in 1676, 1680, 1682, 1684, 1687, 1689, 1691, and a final time in 1697. Served as Springfield Town Clerk 1697-1700. Other offices held were fence viewer in 1660, 1664; town rate appraisor (assessor), 1663; highway surveyor, 1652, 1655, 1662; land measurer, 1662-1663; and hayward, 1683. Jonathan also served on the committee for building a new meeting house in 1674. He and Miles Morgan were appointed to sit in the gallery and check on disorderly youths during worship services, this in 1669.
Jacobus recounts that in 1665 he and 15 others were fined for absenting themselves from the town meeting without sufficient excuse. He also was one of ten who were cited for turning loose their cattle into a field, contrary to good order. His fence was found defective in 1678, along with John Holyoke, Widow Bliss, and others.
He also had a bull which was hired by the town in 1681 and 1682 to serve the lower end of the town of Springfield. Jacobus says that it is no longer mentioned after that date and wonders if the bull wore himself out or whether someone else produced a better specimen.
Jonathan, Thomas Cooper, and six others volunteered to give up 10 acres each of their proprietary land to Thomas Dewey of Westfield, when the latter moved to Springfield. Some others in the town had objected to giving Dewey full proprietary rights.
One of those who oversaw the fortification of Rev. Glover's house in 1679 after King Philip's War. He later was on the 1696 committee to settle a salary dispute with the Reverend.343
Research Notes for Deliverance (Spouse 2)
Terry only had her given name.336
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