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Name Ulalia Marche336,345
Birth ca 1597, Dean Prior, Devonshire, England
Death 19 Aug 1690, Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts338
Immigration 1639, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Father Richard Marche (-<1612)
Mother Joane Martyn ? (-1616)
1 Henry Burt286,336,344
Birth ca 1595, Harberton, Devonshire, England
Death 30 Apr 1662, Springfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts338
Immigration 1639, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Occupation Farmer, town clerk
Father Henry Burtt (-ca1617)
Mother Isett ??? (-ca1630)
Marriage 28 Dec 1619, Dean Prior, Devonshire, England
Children: Sarah (1621->1689)
Samuel (-1625)
Abigail (ca1623-1707)
Jonathan (1625-1715)
David (1629-1690)
Mary (1632-1634)
Mary (1635-1689)
Nathaniel (1638-1720)
Elizabeth (1638-1691)
Hannah (1641-1680)
Dorcas (1643-1743)
daughter (1643-1643)
Patience (1645-1732)
Mercy (1647-1689)
Notes for Ulalia Marche
Her property from her grandfather's and mother's will and her share of her brother and sister Elizabeth's estates, probably amounted to at least 36 pounds by the time of her marriage.
Notes for Henry (Spouse 1)
See Burnham346 for further historical notes, as well as the other general sources, to which can be added R.S. Hitchcock.340

He was taxed on land in Harberton in 1624, these were the bequest of his father. He and his family emigrated to New England probably in the winter of 1638/9 or the following spring or summer.

He is first seen in New England at Roxbury, MA, where his house burned down and the General Court made a grant of 8 pounds to the town in November 1639 to cover the costs. He moved to Sprinfield in 1640, where he was clerk of the writs, though he did not record the births of his other children there.

Check the order of the later children. The order given here is that of Chapin157, but he does not have all of the birth dates as given by Burnham146.
Other : Vivian, "marriage Licenses of the Diocese of Exeter", p66
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Other : Burt, F.H., Springfield "Republican", 22 Feb 1905
(also Jacobus and Waterman, Hale, House and Related Families.)
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