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Name Mary Baldwin351,352,172
Christen 23 Jun 1644, Milford, Hartford, Connecticut
Death 9 Apr 1704, Deerfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Father Joseph Baldwin (~1609-1684)
Mother Hannah Whitlock (1613-1661)
1 Capt. John Catlin380,351,389
Birth 28 Jun 1643, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Death 29 Feb 1704, Deerfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Occupation Teacher, attorney, selectman.
Cause of death Killed in Indian attack
Father John Catlin (1618-1670)
Mother Isabella Ward (~1619-1676)
Marriage 23 Sep 1662, Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut
Children: John (1663-~1663)
Mary (1665-1704)
Elizabeth (1667-1704)
Hannah (1669-1747)
Esther (1671-1753)
Sarah (~1674-1733)
Joseph (1676-1704)
Johnathan (~1680-1704)
Ruth (1684-)
Jonathan (1679-1704)
John 3rd (1686-1766)
Notes for Mary Baldwin
She was taken prisoner during the Indian raid on Deerfield in 1704 along with the rest of her family that survived. While being held with others in John Sheldon's house she gave a cup of water to a dying young officer. This might have been the brother of Hertel de Rouville. This act of charity may well be the reason she was released at Deerfield and not taken along on the march to Canada. It did her little good, however, as she could not bear to go on with all of her family either dead or captive, and she died but a few weeks later.
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
[The following is from Sheldon351] John Catlin was in Wethersfield 1662, in Branford 1665, and moved from there to Newark, NJ. He was a teacher in Newark in 1676 and in 1678 he was "Town's Attorney (not lawyer), an 'honest brother,' to take care that all town orders be executed, and if a breach occurs to punish the offender." He was selectman from 1676 to 1681. He was in Hartford in 1683 and moved to Deerfield soon after, as one of the early permanent settlers, where he was dignified by the title of "Mr." and took a prominent part in town affairs. No family suffered more than his at the desolation of the town in 1704; his buildings were all burned, and he and his son Johnathan died in them. Another son was killed in the Meadow fight, another son and three daughters were captured. Two of the daughters were killed on the march to Canada. He had been a Captain in 1704. One of the founders of Newark and later of Deerfield.
Also see Roloson (1981), pp. 100-102.
Refs to check Wethersfield VR, TAG, II:105; Deerfield Death Records, pp. 270-271.

There is a good account of the captivity experience in Demos' book390 about Eunice Williams' captivity and remaining with the Indians. Note that some of her descendants married descendants of some of our cousins who were also captured in 1704 in Westborough, Massachusetts.
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