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Name Robert Blott375
Birth abt 1582, England
Immigration 1634
Death bef 22 Aug 1665, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts395
Father John ? Blott (1556-)
Mother ??? ???
1 ??? ???
Birth England
Death bef 1635
Children: Mary (1609-1656)
daughter (~1620->1662)
Joanna (~1622-<1662)
Lydia (~1625-1659)
Sarah (~1631-)
2 Susanna Selbee?
Birth England
Death 20 Jan 1660, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts395
Marriage abt 1635
Notes for Robert Blott
Robert had a house in Charlestown by 2 April 1634. He last appears in the Charlestown records on 11 January 1642. Robert apparently lived in Concord for a while as there is a record of Robert Blott of Boston selling his house and land at Concord on 29 July 1648.
Jacobus remarks that his given name was recorded variously but that it all appears to refer to a single person. He apparently was the "John" Blott recorded as a resident of Charlestown in 1634 and the "Thomas" Blott who became a resident of Boston on 28 March 1642. Thomas was used in a couple more Boston entries. Robert Blott was appointed sheep-keeper there in 1658; Thomas Blott was appointed cow-keeper in 1659; Robert Blott to the same post in 1660.
Robert Blott and his wife Susan were dismissed from the Charlestown church were admitted to the Boston First Church on 19 December 1644. Jacobus points out that "Thomas" is never found in vital, land, or church records and that Robert is never found admitted to Boston as a resident. Thus the evidence for mistakes by the recorder is strong.
He received a bequest of 20 shillings from Samuel Wilbore of Taunton in the latter's will of 30 April 1656. Earlier Elizabeth Purton of Boston had also left him 20 shillings "in such things of mine as now he hath in his possession," and her Bible. No relationship is stated for these. One of the witnesses on Elizabeth's will was Ralph Greene, and one of Robert's daughters married a Green and had a son John Green. Ralph Green's son John was born at Boston on 22 December 1642. Thus Ralph was very likely Robert's son-in-law.
Robert's will was made on 27 May 1662. It gave his house to his daughter Sarah's husband, Edward Ellis, who was made executor of the will. Some 3 was left to his eldest daughter's children, "Woodford of Connecticut"; 7 to his daughter Tosier's children, with cloth for a coat to "her eldest sonne John Green;" 7 to "my Daughter Lovetts Children of Braintree," and 8 to "my sonne in Law Danil Turins Children." Half of the household to go to his daughters Tosier and Lovet, the other half to his daughter Ellis. There were various other bequests and he added a codicil on the same day.
The estate was inventoried on 22 August 1665 and the house and land were worth 100 with the rest of the estate worth 112 5s 0d.396
Jacobus highly recommends: Starr, Frank Farnsworth, 1915, Goodwin-Morgan Ancestral Lines, v. 2, pp. 193-201 for Blott data.

Anderson cites The American Genealogist, v. 67, pp. 65-67, for data on daughter Mary, and obviously the rest of the family.
Notes for ??? (Spouse 1)
Jacobus does not give a surname for her.
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