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Name Sgt. John Savage438,439
Birth ? 1630
Death 6 Mar 1685, Middletown, Hartford, Connecticut
1 Elizabeth Dubbin440
Death aft 1685
Alias/AKA Elizabeth Dublin441
Marriage 10 Feb 1652, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Children: John (1652-1726)
Elizabeth (1655-1742)
Sarah (1657-1723)
Mary (1663-1723)
Thomas (1659-1659)
Hannah (1661-1661)
Abigail (1666-1719)
William (1668-1726)
Nathaniel (1671-1734)
Rachel (1673-1752)
Hannah (1676-)
Notes for Sgt. John Savage
Savage429 has several pages on him, including his will and an inventory of his estate, worth 480 pounds 15 shillings 6 pence. He also had 805 acres of land. The first mention of him is the record of his marriage at Hartford. Adams430 includes a copy of his autograph (p. 638), and has a map showing where his lots were (p. 6). His estate was valued at 129 pounds in 1670, this was fourth (by 1 pound) of eleven proprietors living north of the river.442

Will 22 November 1684, Hartford, Hartford Co., CT.
Notes for Elizabeth (Spouse 1)
Her surname is given as Dubbin on the record of their marrage. It is spelled as Dublin in the land and family records. There was a contemporary John Dublin who lived in Rhode Island. Savage429 speculates that he might have been a nephew. He also feels that the surname is a corruption of D'Aubin.
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