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Name Nathaniel Willet445,444
Birth abt 1616, ? Somersetshire, England447
Death 4 Jan 1698, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut448
Burial Center Church Cemetery, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Occupation Constable of Hartford (1645)
1 Elizabeth ???
Marriage 1645, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut447
Children: Sarah (1655-)
2 Hannah Adams445,444
Birth abt 1643, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut449
Alias/AKA Sarah Adams
Father Jeremy Adams (ca1611-1683)
Mother Rebecca Baseden (-<1682)
Children: Rebecca (1665->1729)
Abigail (1670-1725)
Hannah (1670-<1724)
3 Ellinor Watts
Death 28 Sep 1703, Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut448
Notes for Nathaniel Willet
He was Constable of Hartford in 1645 which shows that he must have first come to that town several years before.
The estate of Samuel Wakeman, his wife's first husband, was settled into his care on 4 December 1645 on the conditions that he pay 40 to Samuel's son when he reached age 21, and 20 to each of the daughters when they reached age 18.

" Court Record, December 4, 1645. The estate of Sam. Wakeman, deceased, is settled on Nath. Willette, in consideration whereof he is to pay 40 to the eldest sonne when he shall attayne 21 years of age, and 20 apiece to the three daughters when they shall attayne the age of 18 yeares. If any dye in the meane, the portion is to be divided between the survivors, the land to stand ingadged for the performance thereof; and if any debts more shall appeare than are nowe knowne, to be equally born by him and the children, and if any estate more appeare, that also is to be divided." (A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records, v. I, p. 39)447

He was listed among the townmen of Hartford in 1654, 1666, 1670, 1675, 1678, and 1682. He had a new house, replacing the one which had burnt down, in 1691. This had happened at some point in the 1683 to 1691 period.

His will was dated 13 July 1697 and his estate was inventoried on 11 January 1698. The value was 450-09-04 and the inventory was done by Thomas Bunce, John Merrills, and Thomas Thornton.

"I Nathaniel Willett doe make this my last Will and Testament:
I give to my wife the Use of a third part of all my Lands during her natural life. And if she sees fit to live in Hartford, I give her the Use of my House, Barn, and Home lott, besides the thirds, during her Widowhood. Also I give unto my wife 2 plows, 1/3 part of the Sheep, 1/3 part of my Household Goods, with the Provision in the House, in full of her Dowery, she keeping houseing and fences in repair.
I give and release to my son Bishop, the debt of 12 in Money which he oweth me, as a particular Legacy.
I give to my daughter Hannah my bigest Brass Kettle as a particular Legacy.
I give all my Land, Meadow, Upland, and Outlands whatsoever, to be equally divided between them, 2/3 after my decease, and the other third after the decease of my wife.
I appoint my son-in-Law, Zachariah Ssandford, to be my Executor, and desire Mr. Nathaniel Stanly and Major Jonathan Bull to be Overseers.

Nathaniel (x) Willett, Ls

Timothy Woodbridge
Caleb Watson

13 July 1697" (Probate Records 1695-1700, p. 597)450
Research Notes for Hannah (Spouse 2)
Willet448 has her birth as about 1641. Note that Adams has her name as Sarah.
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