Person Sheet

Name Mercy Hunt494,488
Birth ca 1618, England
Death 28 Dec 1693, Marlborough, MA
1 Thomas Brigham497
Death bef 1 Mar 1655
2 William Hunt497
Death Oct 1667, Marlborough, MA
3 Edmund Rice489,490,491
Birth ca 1594, England
Death 3 May 1663, Marlborough, MA
Burial Wayland, MA
Immigration 1639, Sudbury, Massachusetts
Marriage 1 Mar 1655, Sudbury, MA
Children: Lydia (ca1657-)
Ruth (1659->1686)
Notes for Mercy Hunt
Her surname is known only by tradition. She was administratix of her husband Edmund Rice's estate.
Notes for Thomas (Spouse 1)
Thomas and Mercie were the founders of the New England Brigham family.
Notes for William (Spouse 2)
He was an early settler in Concord and had children there in 1640 with his wife Elizabeth.
Notes for Edmund (Spouse 3)
Six of his children were baptized in Barkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England.

It is not known when or how he emigrated from England. He settled at Sudbury, Mass., in 1639, and shared in the three land divisions. He lived on the east side of the Sudbury River, which now is the southern part of Wayland, near the edge of the extensive meadows along the river's course to the Merrimac. He was chosen Selectman in 1644 and following years, and deacon of the church in 1648. He joined with thirteen others in petitioning the General Court in 1656 for a new plantation because of the crowding in Sudbury.

The petition was granted and Marlborough was formed in 1660. He moved there and had a house lot of 50 acres as an original proprietor. This house was in he western part of the town on the old road leading to Northborough in the bend of the road as it passes the north side of the pond. It was just north of the old "Williams tavern," subsequently owned by Gates and later Wetherby.

He held various town offices in Marlborough as he had in Sudbury.

He might have had a will, based on certain statements in his probate, but it was never filed so there may have been problems with it. His inventory of 15 May 1663 amounted to 566 pounds and the house and lands were worth 170 pounds. There was another inventory sheet, also dated 15 May 1663, amounting to 743 pounds 8 s. 4d., signed by a different group than that of the first inventory. These complications may have been because he had property in both Marlborough and Sudbury. His widow Mercy was the administratix of the estate.

He was buried in Sudbury, in that part which later became Wayland. His grave is marked by a monument designed by his descendant Arthur Wallace Rice of Boston. It was dedicated by the Rice Association on 29 August 1914. A boulder with a bronze tablet was also set at the homestead on the Old Connecticut Path in Wayland87.

The Ann Rice that Ward495 has as his daughter is really his granddaughter through son Edward.

Ellis87, has a reproduction of his signature, found on a surveying report from about 1659. They also have a photograph of the family home, much modified over the years, which was destroyed by fire in 1930.
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