A Brief History of the Ishtari Commonwealth

The area of space now known as the Ishtari Commonwealth is populated by several spacefaring races. These races started out their relationships with each other with a series of conflicts and wars between their respective worlds.

About three hundred years ago, representatives from these worlds came together at a meeting to solve these conflicts peacefully. The results of these meetings was the creation of a common government and the formation of what was then only a dozen worlds alliance known as the Ishtari Commonwealth. The Commonwealth was named for the world of Ishtari, where the final accords forming the alliance were signed.

About two hundred years ago, as the Commonwealth expanded under its combined government, a new corporation surfaced that dealt in just about anything known. They called themselves the Commodities Exchange.
The Exchange's power base grew as its product base did. Their biggest coup was the introduction of the universal translator and its associated technologies.

About fifty years ago, there was a major "falling-out" between the government and the people of the Commonwealth. There were a number of "questionable" actions performed by Comfleet, the Commonwealth military, that resulted in numerous deaths and wrongful seizures.
Ironically, it was the Commodities Exchange that stepped in to help smooth out the differences between the military and the people of the Commonwealth. There was a lot of bad blood, but things did settle down.

Today, the Ishtari Commonwealth is home to hundreds of different peoples. Many in the Commonwealth see the Commodities Exchange as the "legitimate" government, while almost all of its citizenry still look at Comfleet with more than just a little distrust.

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