The Knights Errant

About 175 years ago, as the Commodities Exchange was reaching its first real high point of influence, an organization was founded to protect and nurture two different sects of Ishtari society that were being exploited by both the Exchange and the Commonwealth Government.

These people were the psionically-gifted and, even more rare, magically-gifted people of the various worlds of the Comonwealth. Schools, temples, and monasteries were founded on many different worlds to locate and teach people possessing these gifts.

The schools flourished undisturbed under the watchful eyes of their masters for 125 years. Many an adept in the magical or psionic arts returned to these schools to teach what they had learned to others.

The Knights Errant made their debut as a group 50 years ago when Comfleet was accused of several "questionable" actions.

As violence began to rise on several worlds, the Mage and Psionic schools sought out their best warriors to aid in quelling the onslaught of violence.

Their efforts did not go unnoticed, as several uprisings were put down with little violence as a result of the Knights' interventions.

As the years have progressed, the Knights Errant, as they came to be known by the general populace, have become symbols of "true" justice in the Commonwealth.

Today, they recruit their ranks, not only from the existing school systems, but directly into the ranks of the Knights.

Aside from their uniforms, one feature stands out among all of the Knights Errant. As a result of their initiation process, all of the Knights have white hair.

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