A Brief History of the Terran Confederacy

The history of the Terran Confederacy runs a great deal like our own, up until the mid 21st century, that is.

On June 27, 2047, the war that would become known simply as "Armageddon" was started by an unlikely consortium of Middle Eastern Terrorists, and the descendants of Russian Communists. They were attempting to return the so-called "balance of power" to the hands of themselves and their followers.
The initial phases of the war went very badly for them and they resorted to the use of nuclear weapons to bring about their goals. Millions perished in the resulting conflagration as numerous warheads found their marks on both sides of the conflict. The resulting devastation would take years to even begin repairing.

By January 8, 2083, the area that had once made up the southern regions of the United States of America re-aligned themselves to once again form the Confederate States of America. From the ashes of the old union, a new one rose to take its place. Being primarily agricultural and oil states, this new Confederacy was soon helping to rebuild the rest of the shattered North American civilization. Technology was hard to recover at first, but became easier as access to the more industrialized areas was regained.

In April of 2095, in an effort to prevent another "Armageddon" from happening, a new, more powerful version of the United Nations was created as a place for world leaders to settle disputes. By July of 2100, this body had become the governing body for the entire world. In honor of its progeneitors in the Confederate States of America, this new body was named the Terran Confederacy on July 17, 2101.

With world population once more on the rise, and an increasing demand on dwindling resources, the Terran Confederacy authorized the Excalibur Project. The project's purpose was to find other sources of resources for the planet.
The project was successful in opening up access to the other planets of the solar system within five years. Within ten years, many of the earth's people had moved to colonies on the other planets and their moons.

on December 24, 2126, the Excalibur Project achieved its greatest triumph. The CSS Excalibur, a prototype for an interstellar spacecraft, succeeded in going faster than the speed of light for the first time. With this giant leap forward, mankind began spreading to the stars. The Terran Confederacy was quickly expanding.

In late 2290, Charles Kelso, a Fleet engineering officer, made some important discoveries in the field of hyperspace mechanics that led, in March of 2295, to the development of "photowarp" drive. This system effectively tripled the maximum speed of Confederacy ships.

Up until recently, humanity had yet to encounter any alien species. It had, however encountered several mutagenic factors that had very unusual effects on the human physiology. The Terran Confederacy now numbered almost one hundred worlds.

On August 13, 2314, the human race discovered it was not alone as advanced scouts from the Terran Confederacy met advanced scouts from the D'l'bari Empire. Whether due to error, or due to the hostile nature of the D'l'bari, hostilities between the two forces erupted almost immedieately. War was formally declared by the Confederacy two months later. The two have been at war for eight years now.

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