USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Refitted for the first film voyage, and later rebuilt as an entirely new ship. This upgrade of the old ship was one of her most attractive incarnations.
This version was built especially for my "History of the Enterprise" collection.

For the most part, this version was built straight out of the box and given a basic grey undercoat followed by a white base coat over that. The inaccurate bridge model from the A kit was replaced with the one from the Reliant kit.
Rather than decalling the inaccurate "Main Gangway" as a docking port, I opted to hand paint a more accurate version.

As with the bridge, the lower sensor array was replaced with the more accurate version found on the Reliant kit.

While I opted to not paint the "aztec" plating found on the ship, I did attempt to paint this one more accurately. I used several pictures of the studio model for a guide here. On the saucer, I added the missing landing pad as well as correcting several other details. I also added the rec room windows(not visible in this pic.)


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