USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C

Though lost defending the Klingon outpost on Nerendra III, The fourth starship to bear the name ENTERPRISE had no less of an impact on the galaxy than either her predecessors or her successors.

Of all of the AMT line of Star Trek kits, this one had to be one of the best. Most of the fit and assembly hassles from previous kits were eliminated in this one. In fact, my only gripe with the kit, other than the interminable wait for its release, was the fit of the impulse deck with the underside of the saucer section.
In building this version, I pretty much followed the kit instructions. I did use a sub-assembly approach in an effort to ease painting problems.
Painting was done pretty much according to the kit instructions. I opted to use a coat of flourescent colors on the engines to help add a little more life to them.


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