USS Intrepid II NCC-1907

A conversion that started as a salvage operation on the badly damaged USS Ororo Munroe, I sort of held the nacelles in place over the saucer and the rest of the ship fell into place. She was built back around 1991 or 92 when I got the Ororo back from a friend.

I salvaged the torpedo tubes from the same kit and built the strut from balsa. The junction where the strut went through the torpedo pod was reinforced with scrap styrene from the old nacelle struts and the seam filled with putty.
The hole where the dorsal used to connect to the saucer was covered by a piece of contoured balsa that was then sealed with white glue. The model was then painted in the traditional white Trek scheme with appropriate detail colors. The markings were drawn by hand with a technical pen.


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