USS Excalibur NCC-2711

This one started out as the Enterprise A. It was later re-designated USS Excalibur NCC-1711 and was originally saved from the scrapheap by my wife. It fell from the ceiling again and I opted not to save her this time, but decided instead to design a new ship in its place.

The original idea here was to use as much of the original ship as possible while doing as little painting as possible in an effort to preserve the panel detail from the old Excalibur. As you can see here, I wound up re-primering the model anyway due to other modifications.
I had intended to give the ship a more stremlined look by removing the neck and relocating the secondary hull to a much shorter dorsal assembly. The torpedo tube assemble from the original neck was moved to the front of the saucer during the reconfiguration as well.
The nacelle struts were relocated to the middle of the secondary hull and their angle was changed to a more horizontal look.

When I cut the slots in the nacelle tops to aid in their relocation, I discovered that they too had taken on a more horizontal positioning(I love prototypes, don't you?).

With the initial model completed, it looked to me as though something was missing from the top. After playing around with the parts from a spare Excelsior kit, the decision was maded to modify the Excelsior hull into a sort of upper pod assembly. The front of the hull was to be inverted in the Glamdring class configuration, so I chopped off the back of the hull and turned it over to give the ship a secondary shuttlebay. I also mounted the Excelsior photon tubes to this assembly.

As seems to be my curse whenever i repair one of these models(reconfigured or not) the nacelles began to droop. Rather than start over, I opted to make a thread assembly to use for bracing and integrate it into the design of the ship. All in all, It was an interesting build as the ship mostly designed itself.


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