History of a Legend

From the mid 23rd century into the late 24th, the STARSHIP USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701, has been at the forefront of the Starfleet.
This model was done in an effort to commemorate this illustrious lineage.

This is an idea that was originally inspired by the wall of the main briefing room in both the Enterprise D and E.

I started with both of AMT/Ertl's 3 Enterprise sets and the intention of making a display of all 6 Enterprises.

All 6 ships were built according to their respective instructions.

I had originally intended to paint and detail each ship, complete with full decals and everything.

As I approached the task of decalling the D and E models, I kept having flashbacks to the scene in First Contact where Lily remarks to Picard, "you broke your little ships."

The more I thought about it, the more it seemed appropriate to try to do them all in "bronze."

As a result, they were all given a base coat of metallic black and then drybrushed in copper. They were mounted to the "base" with coat hanger wire and plates I cast from the base Starcraft's supply with their Enterprise A kit.

The plaques were drawn up in Corel Draw and printed onto white paper. They were then glued to the backing board with Elmer's white glue.

The centerpiece is the base from the B,C,and E set.

USS Enterprise
NCC-1701:Constitution Class
NCC-1701-A:Constitution Class(refit)
NCC-1701-B:Excelsior Class(refit)
USS Enterprise
NCC-1701-C:Ambassador Class
NCC-1701-D:Galaxy Class
NCC-1701-E:Sovereign Class


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