USS Midway NCC-75324

This kit is basically a stock AMT Defiant that was built as the USS Midway for a friend back in December 1996/January 1997. It's dark color scheme was inspired from the USS Monitor in the novel The Return.
It was also the first model I was ever paid to build.

Like my own kit of the Defiant, this one was glued together and lit(ironically, as was intended in her "real" design, the lighting only shows up in darkness.
The paint scheme was done by taking the kit instructions colors about one to two steps(kit-lt grey=midway-med grey, etc.)
I then gave the entire model a black wash to further darken the model and enhance the detail on the kit.

All of the striping was done with slight modifications to the Defiant markings. All of the Midway-specific markings were hand painted.


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